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Malta’s outgoing Permanent Representative to the EU thanks GRTU DG

 and all other Malta Representatives in the EESC and other EU Institutions – GRTU Director General Vincent Farrugia has, together with the other Maltese representatives at the EESC and other institutions, received a thank you note for the work and collaboration carried out during the years.


Mr Farrugia has had the opportunity to collaborate on various occasions with Mr Cachia Caruana as Permanent Representative on the work Mr Farrugia has taken on in the last years as member of the EESC. Mr Cachia Caruana and his staff have supported  Mr Farrugia whenever he asked for their collaboration. Below is the thank you note received:

"As I step down as the first Permanent Representative of Malta to the EU, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your invaluable cooperation and support over the past eight years. We can all hold our heads up high knowing that we stand as respected and active participants in the European project, fully capable of defending our national interests and influencing EU policy. This is due, in no small part, to the hard work, professionalism and dedication of all those who have contributed to the interaction between the Government and the EU Institutions. I have no doubts that your capabilities as Malta's representatives within the EU Institutions will enable us to carry on building upon the success of the past years.

From the outset, the Maltese Government recognised EU membership as an effective tool that would allow us to achieve the country's long-term goals. However, like any tool, it requires that those using it possess the necessary skills in order to achieve the best results.

Eight years down the line, not only has membership of the European Union benefitted Malta on multiple levels, but it has permitted the Maltese Government to respond effectively to national challenges while contributing to addressing European interests and concerns which are today interlinked with those of Maltese citizens.

This is a testament to how skilful we have been in using the EU ‘tool'. Although a new Member State, we can also boast of being one of the best integrated ones. Joining the Schengen Area and adopting the Euro as our currency so soon after membership highlighted Malta's ability to apply new responsibilities quickly and efficiently. Malta has shown itself able to fully embrace the responsibilities of EU Membership while also being a proactive player. The opening of the European Asylum Support Office is just one example of this; the hard work of many resulted in an enviable outcome for a new Member State.

I can only look back with pride on my eight years of service as Permanent Representative and this is also due to the support and professionalism that I could always rely on from you. I wish you all the best so that you may continue to represent Malta's interests with the same dedication that you have always shown."


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