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Malta’s Independence a great economic, social and political success

GRTU congratulates all true Maltese on Malta's  48th Independence anniversary. 21st
September is Malta's most important day. On 21st September 1964
Malta became Independent for the first time in its history. Malta's destiny
since 21st September 1964 has been determined by the Maltese people

Whatever happened after is relevant and important precisely because
on 21st September 1964 Malta became a sovereign state. Malta became
a member of the United Nations. Malta's Independence was an irreversible

The second great achievement for Malta is Malta's accession
to the European Union. Today Malta is politically secure and economically
participant in a single European market, which is the largest single market in
the world beside China and India. For the self-employed and owners of small
business whose livelihood depends pretty much on the successful operation of
the internal Maltese market, Malta's Independence and adhesion to the EU
provides the greatest safeguard for present and future economic well being.
Malta's earning capacity depends on Malta's successful achievements as
effective economic participant in this tremendous single market. Without the
large European single market Malta was permanently locked in an economic
cul-de-sac. Malta's independence gave us the right as a sovereign state to be
part of this tremendous market and to sit at the highest decision making
structures of this largest and most successful union of independent nations.

In a turbulent world where even the
largest economies are finding it difficult to cope, Malta would have definitely
been washed away if it had not belonged to a regional economic union while at
the same time remained a sovereign state. Many Maltese independent private
business owners do not sufficiently appreciate this, but Malta's economy is so
dependent on the rest of the world that it would not have been possible for the
managers of the Maltese economy to make the Island fend for itself during these
last very difficult years when all economic circumstances were adverse. Malta's
participation in the EU and in the European Monitory Union has ensured that
while we could make maximum benefit of our sovereign Independent state we could
simultaneously belong to a Union that provides us with the necessary guarantees
that economic and political security are no longer at a threat. Malta today has
a great and successful story to tell. It is all due to Malta's achievements on
21st September 1964.

GRTU strongly supported Malta's call for Independence. Over
the last 48 years GRTU has steadfastly supported all genuine efforts to make
Malta's independence a great economic, social and political success.

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