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Malta Chamber of SMEs launches two new solar farms in Gozo

A project by the Malta Chamber of SMEs and the Government

Some years ago the SME Chamber and the Government embarked on a project in the area of energy efficient by generating solar energy through the creation of two PV farms in Gozo that will generate enough electricity to cater for around 500 families per year.

The farms will generate two million kWh per year. The farms, at Ta’ Ċenċ, are being developed by the joint venture, Malta Energy on Water Services Corporation (WSC) reservoirs. They cover an area of 9,360m², with 2,871 panels.

Malta Energy Ltd, is a joint venture between the WSC (51 per cent shareholding) and the Malta Chamber of SMEs (49 per cent shareholding).

Energy Minister Miriam Dalli visited the site accompanied by Malta Chamber of SMEs and Malta Energy officials, lead by President Paul Abela and WSC CEO Ivan Falzon.

These projects are part of this government’s vision to continue to incentivise renewable energy in our country”, Dalli said.

She said the government will continue to incentivise entities to keep producing clean energy, which will contribute to more sustainable economic growth and allow Malta’s targets to be achieved by everyone.

WSC CEO Ivan Falzon said the corporation will continue working on projects of added value, where this will result in generating more clean and renewable energy.

Malta Energy CEO Noel Gauci said the venture will, in future, also be able to invite families who do not have space to install panels to buy a portion of future projects.

Malta Energy plans to expand its operations to areas outside of the Water Services Corporation’s facilities, which are owned by other government entities, and can provide more value to the entity hosting the installations.

The panels can offer shelter, electric vehicle charging, and other infrastructure utilities.

Thank you to everyone who supported us to tune this into a tangible project.

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