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Malta Chamber of SMEs delegation visits the EXPO 2020 Dubai

A Malta Chamber of SMEs delegation visited the EXPO 2020 Dubai. during this visit the SME Chamber delegation accompanied by Ms Josephine Farrugia, Events coordinator at the EXPO, visited several pavillions and held bilateral meetings with officials from different countries.

The SME Chamber started off by meeting the Dubai Chamber at the EXPO and both sides exchanged ideas and possible further collaboration between both sides.

Following this, the delegation visited the Egyptian pavillion and before touring the pavillion, met two high officials representing the Egyptian Government. dR. kHALED melad Rezek, the Egypt Pavillion Director stated that both countried could increase their relationship and eventually increase business. Mr Mario Debono on behalf the SME Chamber promised that both sides will meet again to discuss further collaboration.

At the center of it all, Al Wasl’s massive dome rises more than 221 feet, creating an open-air lobby that doubles as the world’s largest 360-degree projection theater.
SME Chamber delegation during a presentation by the Dubai Chamber
SME Chamber delegation at the Kuwait pavillion

On its first day the SME Chamber delegation visited also the Saudi Arabia pavillion, one of the most impressive pavillions at the EXPO. This was the second largest pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai with a total area of 13,059 sqm. The Saudi Pavilion offers a glimpse into our shared future, taking you on a journey through our ambitions across four main pillars: people, nature, heritage and opportunities.

A glimpse of the Saudi Arabian pavillion

The SME Chamber delegation also visitied Malta’s pavillion at the EXPO and met Maltese officials working on the pavillion.

“Il-Luzzu” at Malta’s pavillion

SME Chamber delegation meeting Egyptian government officials at the Egyptian pavillion

The SME Chamber delegation also visited and held meething at the Italy pavillion, Mexican pavillion, Australian pavillion, Columbian pavillion, Oman pavillion, Kuwait’s pavillion, Argentina’s pavillion and Hungary’s pavillion.

SME Chamber delegation at the Italian pavillion
SME Chamber delegation at the Mexican pavillion following meetings with Government officials
SME Chamber Vice-President Mr Marcel Mizzi and other SME Chamber council members meeting Columbia’s Cali politician.
SME Chamber delegation meeting Australian officials at the Australia pavillion

During this visit, the delegation met H.E. Maria Camilleri Calleja, Ambassador of the Republic of Malta and Permanent Representative of Malta to IRENA Abu Dhabi.

SME Chamber delegation meeting Oman’s officials and pavillion

Paul Abela meets Bosnia & Herzegovina Prime Minister at the EXPO 2020 Dubai

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