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Lotto Receivers Union (LRU) Affiliates with GRTU

At an Extraordinary General Meeting of
the Lotto Receivers Union held earlier this week, it was unanimously approved
that the Lotto Receivers Union affiliates its members with the GRTU Malta
Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises.This affiliation comes at a time when
Maltco Lotteries Limited has just initiated its ten year contract award in
relation to lotto and other National Lottery Games in Malta and Gozo. As thus
Maltco continues on its earlier eight year contract.

As such GRTU has requested a meeting
with Maltco which will be held in mid September, to discuss a few issues which
need trimming in the current agreement between Maltco and the individual lotto
receivers. GRTU is proactive in such situations to present on the table win win
situations. We want to see our members gaining more profits and in the meantime
Maltco exceeding their sales targets.

We cannot do this through a dividing
wall. We will make this happen if both parties work together hand in hand in
the coming ten years. No business is fruitful if it is one way traffic.
Together we are able to go beyond our customers expectations.

At present one lotto receiver is being
deprived of his livelihood because Maltco have requested a 140% increase in his
individual bank guarantee. They have litereally switched of his point of sale.
GRTU has asked Maltco to reconnect this individual's livelihood by close of
business today and of course the matter will then be cordially discussed in our
first coming meeting and a  solution
acceptable to one and all reached. We are aware that guarantees or some sort of
fiscal arrangement is in place so that Maltco's receipt of income is never in
jeopardy. We do not want it to be either. GRTU was born out of businesses
wanting to safeguard their own interests. To us Maltco is a business too. Even
more, it is there and providing a livelihood to many families and we want that
relationship to flourish and grow.

GRTU has over the years learned that
businesses want their own individual freelance of operation, and whilst being
innovative, would also meet their expectations and go beyond. GRTU is not a
workers union. GRTU is there for its members to continue to thrive on their
current earnings and keep their own values at heart.  GRTU is here to work with sectors and
Government to promote more entrepreneurial spirit. The lotto receivers are a
part of this scenario and we will work with them and with Maltco to come to
terms on a number of issues that currently need to be addressed.

GRTU gladly welcomes the lotto receivers as genuine members
within GRTU. We would also at this point auger that better relations are built
between Maltco and the individual lotto receivers with GRTU. Maltco could
easily lead the way by reactivating this single lotto receiver s point of sale
terminal. Let's be human, let's make sure this gentleman is allowed to earn a
living, after all he has not infringed on legislation in place.

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