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Lotto receivers ready for action

The Lotto receiver union members have
now all joined GRTU. Director General Vincent Farrugia addressed annual general
meeting held at the Catholic institute in Floriana on the 1st of November.
Lotto receivers in Malta are facing a very difficult future further as a result
of the highly unacceptable policy being adopted by the Lotto and Gaming
monopoly Maltco. Since Lotto receiver have joined GRTU, it has strived to establish
a working relationship with General Manager Vasilios Kasiotais and CEO Dr John

GRTU is a business organisation and our approach unlike that of
certain workers union is to establish a good commercial relationship were
enterprises can flourish. The message GRTU has delivered to Maltco is loud and
clear "We want you to grow and become profitable, but we want you also to allow
our  members to grow with you. Lotto
receivers have served the community well, they have accepted conditions to
continue to operate with Maltco which are completely different then the
conditions they operated under when lotteries where state owned. But lotto
receivers accept that in a privatised environment life is tougher and
competition is acute. However competition is no excuse for anyone to abuse of
his dominant position in the market. Unfortunately public regulators in Malta
whether it is MCCAA, the Competition and Consumer Protection National Agency in
Malta, or whether it is the Lottery and Gaming Authority apparently exist only
to satisfy the whims of the new foreign owners of the newly privatised assets.

GRTU has publicly and repeatedly
accused the Chairman, Board of Directors and CEO's of public regulator who fear
the foreign owners of privatised firms and fail to act according to the power
they have at law. LGA appear to have nopower over the foreign owners of Maltco.
The condition Maltco is imposing on lotto receivers are flagrant abuse of their
licensing conditions and of the terms of the privatisation contract. LGA can
not just stare and approve. This is in essence the address Vincent Farrugia
made to the LSU AGM last Thursday. "GRTU will not be part of any scheme by
anybody in government to annihilate the right of the self employed in Malta.
Competition and free enterprise is something to which we hold very strongly in
Malta and at a European level. But running rough shot on the rights of self
employed who earn a decent living in their own country by foreigners who
pretend to own the land simply because some minister or other has accepted to
close one or both eyes is not, and will never be condoned by GRTU. GRTU is
meeting the Prime minister next Saturday 3r November  and the message GRTU will pass to the Prime
Minister Lawrence Gonzi is very clear hands off the self employed or you are
heading into a lot of trouble with GRTU" Concluded Vincent Farrugia Director
General of GRTU.

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