Fabian Demicoli

Localities geared to celebrate in their own distinctive way

GRTU Survey with Local Councils – Full report – As previously mentioned in GRTU's
Newstring, we have conducted a survey to determine the different trends within
each locality in the way they prepare for the festive season. The following is a full report of the
results gathered:

93% of the localities in Malta and Gozo
decorate the main streets or squares of their locality. Most of the Council's
finance these activities 100% and they engage contractors to decorate.

A large number of localities plan
activities for the children and elderly residents, which range from outings to
parties. Some localities are however developing a growing interest in the
festive season and are putting in a great deal of effort and through in
preparing that special thing that makes them different from other localities,
that appeals to their residents and others outside and makes it that bit more

Local Council

Organization of an open market and have
invited ABBA GOLD from the UK
to perform in the locality.

Local Council

Each year they perform plays and read
poetry with direct reference to Qala traditions.

Poala Local Council

They have yet again created a festive
activity called ‘Milied f'casal'. One this night the main square is closed off
to traffic and food stalls are placed around the square.

Mellieha Local Council

They have prepared for their annual 4
day event known as ‘Milied Melliehi'.

Qormi Local Council

Christmas concert and their local
marching bands perform in the streets

Rabat (Gozo)
Local Council

Concert is in the main square where
local artists perform such as Winter Moods, Ira Losco and so on.

Gzira Local Council

A Christmas Village
and a live crib

Floriana Local Council

Will yet again hold a New Years
Eve  event at the Fosos in collaboration with Valletta Local Council.

These are just a few of the
localities questioned. It was also determined that 39% of the Local Councils
have increased their initiative to further develop festive activities, however
some have also stated that it has become difficult to engage and find support
within the business community. Most of these localities have also mentioned
that there is an increasing number of residents that have volunteered to help
with these activities.

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