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Launch of the GRTU PV purchase facilitation scheme

GRTU is launching a PV purchase
"facilitation scheme". The aim behind the scheme is to help households that
wish to purchase a PV system or a solar water heater but have limited financial
means to do so. In view of the forthcoming MRA scheme,
as it is better known and should be in the region of an unprecedented €20
million, GRTU has joined forces with a local major bank to actively give their
share towards renewable energy in Malta.

The scheme is designed in a manner that
the buyer is never faced with a financial burden throughout the whole process
of purchasing and installing the PV systems, thus making it easier on low
income households and younger people to invest in such systems. Installing an
average PV system that costs € 6,000, when the energy savings are deducted from
monthly loan repayments, it sums to a payment of just around € 23 per month for
three years, totaling to € 828. These calculations are based on a low feed in
tariff of 18c. However, GRTU urges Government, MRA and Enemalta to be generous
and ensure that a feed in tariff near the one set for previous schemes (25c) is
established to ensure a good turnout for this PV scheme as well. This will in
turn contribute to the society in various ways by aiding government in reaching
its 2020 targets, reducing emissions, creating more sustainable green jobs thus
contributing directly to Malta's welfare.

All interested retailers and installers
of PV systems are eligible to apply to be able to offer the scheme to their
clients. Each supplier shall be assessed by GRTU officials to analyze the
quality level of installations and must commit to abide with regulations set by
MEPA, MRA and Enemalta. Furthermore, retailers must commit themselves to work
with the highest ethics both when dealing with clients, in materials and
workmanship. Only following such scrutiny and commitment shall each retailer be
allowed to participate in the scheme, and the ones that qualify shall be
recognized by a ‘GRTU APPROVED' certificate, which logo may also be placed in
adverts and relative retail outlets. The list of ‘GRTU APPROVED' retailers
shall be on the GRTU website and published in its weekly newsletter. Defaulting
retailers shall be immediately removed from the list. Although the scheme is
mainly focused on PV installations, it may also be applied for solar water

Customers may also contact GRTU on
21232881 to verify whether a particular retailer is GRTU approved or to place a
complaint. An information session shall be held shortly for retailers regarding
this scheme. Retailers that are not GRTU members may also contact GRTU to
enquire more information about the scheme.

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