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Kappara Junction Project Progresses – GRTU follows closely as Vjal ir-Rihan Traffic Management is amended

The Kappara Junction Project has registered progress as diversion and alternate routes have been upgraded and improved in preparation for excess traffic that would be using such roads during the more rigorous phases of the project where actual works will be undertaken at the Kappara Junction itself.

Works have included widening of roads such as in Swieqi Valley, amended traffic diversions to support a circular traffic flow such as at Gzira strand, as well as upgrading of road infrastructure. During the month of June, Transport Malta has implemented new traffic management at Vjal ir-Rihan San Gwann. This route is to be utilised as one of the major diversion routes for traffic once Kappara Junction will be partially or fully closed during works.

GRTU has followed business needs closely during this change whereby better implementation and support to commuters was necessary. The business community in San Gwann has been in constant communication with GRTU. GRTU has managed to safeguard interests of retail outlets by convincing the authorities to install adequate un/loading bays in the area as well as introducing timed parking to ensure customers find adequate parking facilities in the vicinity. Moreover it is expected that in a few weeks time, when major works are undertaken at the Kappara Junction and further closures are effected in other zones, traffic will increase drastically resulting in more business in the outlets of the effected area.

GRTU continues with its proposals and communication with businesses and government on this project in order to ensure that business interests are safeguarded. The GRTU Transport Lobby Group represents business operators related to the passenger and goods transport and logistics sector. The Lobby Group continues to offer its on-the-ground expertise in order to put forward proposals and mitigate possible pitfalls. On the other hand, GRTU continues supplying direct information to business outlets in the effected zones to ensure that their interests are safeguarded as much as possible during the months ahead as the project progresses.

The next immediate step is that of Sliema Road partial closures and related works. GRTU is in contact with its members in the area in order to ensure a smooth transition. GRTU is gathering information and suggestions from businesses in the effected area and surroundings to be able to fully represent business interests and ensure that any measures to mitigate such effects are taken in full by government and respective authorities. For further information you are kindly asked to contact GRTU on 79232884 or 21232881.

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