Fabian Demicoli

Indoor play facilities draft document launched

The Commissioner for Children Helen D'Amato in collaboration
with MCCAA, on Thursday 8th August 2013, launched a  draft document with regulations for indoor
play facilities. 

The standards are
intended for child entertainment areas used by children under 14 years, who may
be accompanied by adults. These areas exclude playgrounds, swimming pools,
child care centres, schools or areas which have an educational scope.
Minister for Social Dialogue Helena Dalli described
the standards as a positive initiative as it is essential to have full safety
in play areas. Dr Dalli said that after the regulations are set, she will make
sure that they will be legally binding.

Mr Marcel Pizzuto, Chairman of MCCAA said that the
indoor play facility regulations follow 2010 Standards for Playing Fields which
resulted in a huge improvement and less incidents. This led the Children's
Commissioner to propose standards for indoor play areas which were drawn up by
the MCCAA.

The public consultation will take two months during
which stakeholders, especially parents, are encouraged to submit their views.
Following this, and once recommendations are considered, the government intends
to introduce these regulations in law.

Mrs D'Amato said works on such standards has been
ongoing for a year-and-a-half during which she, together with the MCCAA had
discussions with several entities including the Health Department, the
Occupational Health and Safety Authority, the Trade Department, the Social
Welfare Standards Department, the GRTU, the KNPD, the Chamber of Commerce,
Enterprise and industry, Mepa and the Building Regulations Office.

Mrs D'Amato emphasized that  the right for children to play is
fundamental. She highlighted the document focuses on safety and she too
believes the implementation arm should come next.

The document may be downloaded from the Malta
Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority website: http://mccaa.org.mt/ and feedback can be sent through the website or
on email:  .

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