Fabian Demicoli

ICT Usage and e-Commerce in Enterprises: 2013

 Computer and Internet Usage – Results showed high levels of
computer use throughout all enterprise size classes and economic activities.
The construction industry recorded the lowest usage rate, and stood at 89.8 per
cent. On the other hand, wholesale and retail trade recorded the highest rate
at 99.4 per cent.

In 2013, 95.5 per cent of
enterprises made use of the internet for business purposes. This figure
remained almost unchanged when compared with 2012. The number of employees
using internet reached 29,104, up by 2.0 per cent over the previous year.

Most enterprises (87.9 per
cent) made use of a DSL internet connection, and 66.6 per cent of enterprises
were also connected via mobile broadband (Chart 1). Results showed that DSL was
the most popular connection among small and medium-sized enterprises, while
mobile broadband was mostly popular with large enterprises.

The rate of e-government usage
decreased marginally over 2012 to 92.6 per cent. On the other hand, enterprises
owning a website or homepage increased by 5.1 per cent. Over half of
enterprises' websites included a ‘product catalogue and pricelist' (54.6 per
cent), with 48.2 per cent of these websites also displaying a ‘privacy policy

Results showed that 19.3 per
cent of enterprises using the internet also carried out sales via e-commerce.
Similarly, purchases via e-commerce were carried out by 22.2 per cent of


Internet Users

The survey showed that 69.3
per cent of enterprises provided mobile devices to some of their employees for
business purposes, an increase of 27.5 per cent over 2012. Provision of mobile
devices to employees increased among all enterprise size classes and economic
activities. In total, 7,751 employees made use of a mobile device for work
purposes. This represents an average of nine mobile devices per enterprise.



The 2013 survey also included
an ad-hoc module on the use of social media among enterprises. Results showed
that 711 enterprises (57.8 per cent) using internet also used social media.
Nearly 80 per cent used social media to develop their corporate image whereas
58.3 per cent used it to obtain customer feedback

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