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How are the Localities preparing for the festivities?

This is the ultimate question behind a
survey GRTU is presently conducting with all Local Councils in Malta and Gozo.
The survey was just initiated a couple of days ago however a good number of
Local Councils have already been contacted and it is, even at this early stage,
proving very interesting as we are starting to unveil the different trends
within each Locality in the way they prepare for the festive season and
especially to what extend the Business Community is involved.

It transpires that the majority of
Local Councils in Malta and Gozo have a special admiration for Christmas and
this can be seen in the fact that many main streets in various localities have
been decorated already. Some Local Councils have even joined forces with
artists and amateurs to build cribs and opened their doors to invite the
general public for a visit. A number of Local Councils have for various years
organized Christmas Villages in prime areas within their Localities with the
aim to attract more people to visit and also boost businesses in the said
locality. It was also reported that they encourage traditional
food-preparations for Christmas and are supporting new activities that include
various exhibitions.

Some Local Councils will be using the
Parish square and will be supplying tents for activities such as, live music
choirs and orchestras, arts and crafts, parties and dinners for both children
and the elderly, daily entertainment including parades and cribs made from
different materials. There are Local Councils that will even be organising
events on a large scale. They told us they will organise a Christmas Eve early
breakfast and even hold a concert by Tribute band Abba Gold for which everyone
is invited.

We are also informed that two Local
Councils will be joining forces for the greatest event held on New Year's Eve
which appeals to people of all ages. GRTU will be issuing a detailed report
once the survey is finalised.

In the meantime GRTU would like to
thank all Local Councils in Malta and Gozo for their collaboration and work and
also for the initiatives throughout these years and appeals to the Business
Community to also take initiatives in their locality and cooperate wherever
possible with the Local    Council.

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