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Horizon 2020: Coaching activities in connection with the SME Instrument

EASME, the
Executive Agency for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise of the European
Commission has published a Call for expression of interest for setting up of a
list of coaches for coaching activities in connection with the SME Instrument
for innovation under Horizon 2020 (see attachment). The objective of this call
for expressions of interest is to set up a list of external experts, hereafter
called "business coach(es)". The role of the business coaches is to
provide business coaching and leadership development support to companies.

business coaches will perform their tasks within the framework of the Horizon
2020 SME instrument. The coaching support will focus on developing
organizational capabilities to equip the beneficiaries with the necessary skills
to ensure commercial growth based on the company's SME Instrument project.
Major responsibilities are, e.g. establish the client company's strategy, agree
a coaching work plan and deliver a programme of structured face to face
coaching to address barriers to growth (complete list see call).

shall be remunerated at a fixed price of 450 euros/day worked. In addition,
travel and subsistence expenses will be reimbursed under the conditions set out
in the contract. The activities shall be delivered in the premises of the
participating companies. Participation in the offered coaching support is
voluntary for SME Instrument participants.

persons are invited to submit an expression of interest in accordance with the
rules set out in this call. Expressions of interest should be submitted using
the EUsurvey tool by accessing the following URL:


parties should provide their full contact details, a link (URL) to a publicly
available Curriculum Vita in English language, which is significant with
respect to the specifications as described.

Experience and Qualifications:

business coaches need to
have a proven track record of at least 5 years in managing a broad range of
business issues associated with high growth, proven experience in innovation
management within SMEs, a successful track record in coaching senior management
through the development of their company's vision and strategy;

personal track record in
coaching organisations and business leaders – coaches should demonstrate an
existing successful track record as a coach;

extensive network of contacts
with expertise in a wide range of business functions;

track record in managing a
range of business issues associated with periods of high growth;

evidence of having done
similar coaching work previously (at least three references or testimonials from
Chief Executive/Managing Director/Business Owner);

qualifications (including
membership of professional bodies).

coaches should demonstrate a good understanding of many of the following
business areas:

strategic planning and
innovative management;

leadership and
organisational development ;

new product development,
market development and internationalisation strategy;

IPR and IA;

financial management and
investor readiness;

business improvement
(processes and operational capability);

EASME will draw up a list of
experts who meet the criteria set out in the call. The list resulting from this
call is valid for the duration of the multi-annual programme Horizon 2020.
Interested parties may submit an application at any time prior to the last
three months of validity of the list.

signing a contract experts shall provide a declaration on their honour stating
that they are not in one of the situations of exclusion listed in the call,
e.g. conflict of interest, bankruptcy, profession misconduct, judgement
concerning fraud, corruption etc.

If you
are interested to become a business coach in the framework of the Horizon 2020
SME instrument please submit your express of interest using the EUsurvey tool
by accessing the following link:



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