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Have you moved yet? …to a Unified Commercial Environment?

Move from a traditional cash register to a Cloud POS System for a real-time, data-ready approach and an efficient in-store purchasing experience.

There has never been a better time for your retail operations to embrace technology and adopt tools provided by the cloud to power your business. Digitise your Point of Sale system today to accelerate success by streamlining your in-store processes so you can focus on driving the business forward.

ZeroBubble’s mission is to help smooth this seemingly painful exercise with the least possible disruptions to your business operations.

“At ZeroBubble, we take great care in understanding our customer’s pain points, and we help them find the right tools they need to drive their retail business forward. We know it’s challenging to navigate through the different layers of complexity to set up a robust POS system, and we make that journey easy for our customers,” states Chris Ellul, ZeroBubble’s managing director.

Why the Cloud?

One of the key benefits of a cloud environment is scalability. Choose the tools that work for you today but give you the flexibility to grow as your business expands.

Stay ahead of your competition, and sell more easily and at an affordable price. Our cloud-based POS systems will help you take your retail business into the future. The responsive designs give you, your staff and your customers the flexibility to use any device and still enjoy the same experience.

Cloud POS systems from ZeroBubble are developed as Unified Commercial tools gathering a range of functionality around customer experience and optimising the daily sales process.


Get real-time information. Make a difference in your sales strategy by keeping track of the latest inventory, product and customer information—the perfect tool to upsell and manage stock without missing a beat.

Take strategic decisions about your inventory, prices, costs and procurement, access your stock levels anytime, from anywhere, and process your purchases swiftly.

Improved Catalogue & Product detail. Maximise sales opportunities with easy access to all products in the cloud. Sell any product, anywhere, anytime. Provide detailed information about each product, building trust among customers.

Customer information is saved in real-time. Check order history to give your customers a personalised shopping experience and excellent service.

Boost your retail business with unified stock management and increased in-store, online and cross-channel fulfilment. Integrating into your existing e-commerce stores and other sales channels is easy.

Additional benefits:

  • e-Commerce integration

  • Accounting tools integration*

  • Payment Integrations

  • Customer Loyalty programs

  • In-store Gift Cards

  • Weighing Scale Integration


“You should focus on your business while we focus on the technology you need to drive your business. Our solutions will turbo-charge your operations and enable true omnichannel retail. This is the future of retail, and ZeroBubble is 100% committed to helping you have a smooth transition.” comments Luke from the implementation team at ZeroBubble.


Discover ZeroBubble’s various packages for SMEs of different sizes, ambitions and industry verticals.


About ZeroBubble

ZeroBubble is a retail tech hub for Small to Medium Retail Businesses. We provide cash register hardware, supplies and rental services with a state-of-the-art service centre to cater for repairs and reprogramming cash registers. We also offer the latest Cloud POS Solutions for the retail industry and Hospitality. In addition, we supply commodity accessories such as receipt rolls, cash till drawers, barcode scanners, retail hardware, and more.

Visit our outlet at 1 Marina Street Pieta outlet (corner with Telgha ta Gwadamangia) and find out how we can future-proof your business.

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