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GRTU working closer with MSA

 The GRTU has stepped up its work with the Malta Standards Authority (MSA) and its requests for the authority to better cater to the needs of the smaller businesses following the appointment of a new member – Patrick Cutajar, GRTU Council member – on the MSA Board. From Board level it is very difficult for both the GRTU and the MSA to transfer relevant information to our members.


GRTU under the initiative of Patrick Cutajar has therefore sought to strengthen the collaboration between the GRTU and the MSA as the line that links MSA to our small businesses. MSA in actual fact provides very valuable information outside board level which, due to the amount of information sent and its technicality do not reap the ideal and necessary results.

The MSA said that the GRTU and the businesses are very important for the authority as with our contribution only would they manage to safeguard the interest of businesses and our economy. MSA therefore agreed to make an effort in this regard and utilise GRTU as a tool for consultation to reach businesses. Both bodies agreed that GRTU and MSA would start holding regular meetings to catch up on activities and plan information sessions targeting businesses. So members watch out for these interesting and very informative sessions, this month's was the one on Toy safety.

Meantime Patrick Cutajar has attended his first board meeting at the MSA. Mr Cutajar reported that the board concentrated particularly on financial aspects however a very interesting presentation was made on the quarterly work of MSA. Below is the information:

EU related work

  • Proposals being discussed in Council
  • Biocides, RoHS, Construction Products, Food Labelling, Novelty Foods
  • Legal Notices in the pipeline
  • Pyrotechnics, Paints, Eco-design, Cosmetics, Plant Protection Products, Biocidal Products, Steel Reinforcement
  • Information Dissemination
  • CLP Regulation, Energy Labelling, Construction Products, PPP and Biodices, Machinery, Lifts


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