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GRTU welcomes full uptake of MRA domestic PV scheme

On the
announcement by the MRA that the PV scheme for domestic beneficiaries has been
fully subscribed we would like to recognize the improved administration in
handling such schemes on the side of the MRA and its increased willingness to
cooperate with stakeholders such as the GRTU. These are main elements that
ensure that schemes are successful. The fact that schemes targeting domestic
beneficiaries are no longer being stopped due to problems encountered is also
evidence of this fact. 

PV Purchase Facilitation Scheme (PVPFS) played an essential role in the full
uptake of the scheme. With over a thousand systems installed for domestic
houses, many of these new PV owners say that had it not been for the GRTU
scheme they would have been unable to purchase the systems. This means that
thanks to this we have managed to reach those that are most in need which is
very satisfying to GRTU.

initiative which encouraged the uptake of the scheme was the GRTU Approved
which monitored and worked closely with suppliers who chose to subscribe to it
and elevated the level of service and quality, increasing consumer confidence.

We are
very pleased with the outcome which shows that the private sector is worthy to
be involved in the use of EU funds. EU funds are very important not only for
the households that are to benefit from the systems installed in the long term,
but were also a €20M direct injection in the economy. This helps the renewable
energy sector generate and sustain a significant number of green jobs and
therefore should be well taken care of.

We have
good reason to believe that a number of applications submitted will not be able
to be catered for due to the full uptake of funds and we hope more funds can be
found by government to satisfy the demand. Now that this scheme has come to an
end, GRTU urges the Authorities to treat with urgency ongoing discussions on
new schemes as well as the announcements of the new commercial feed in tariffs.
This delay is holding back investment and will result in losses.

working model of this scheme should be replicated to target other sectors of
the economy such as the commercial and touristic sectors, hospitals, parkings
and many other open spaces, and thus the relative responsible entities are
encouraged to collaborate with GRTU so that their calls will be successful. All
stakeholders should work together to device ways of reaching the 2020 targets
and in the most beneficial manner to owners, retailers and the country.



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