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GRTU Submits Recommendations to Draft MCESD Amendment Bill

 GRTU has this week presented it's views as approved by GRTU National Executive Council, on the amendments proposed for the restructuring of the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development. The main points of the proposal below: 1. Government will refer for the Opinion of MCESD all draft legislation, green papers and other proposals formulated by Government or Parliament having an economic and social nature.

It will be the responsibility of MCESD to provide requested Opinions in consultation with all stakeholders irrespective of whether they have a direct representation on MCESD, at Council, Civil Society or Gozo Regional Committee level. The Opinions of MCESD should preferably be the result of consensus at MCESD Council level. Where consensus is not possible, MCESD will list members who consent to the Opinion and other members who do not consent, specifying the points where consensus has not been obtained.

2. The members appointed to the Council and to the Committees, except for Government nominees, shall be appointed from organisations that are democratic with elected Councils or Committees and registered either as employers associations, trade unions or non-governmental organisations, and subject to the rules and regulations of the specific legal registration.

3. Persons holding elected public office cannot be appointed to Council or Committees.

4. The Council and Committees are democratic organisations where every member is equal irrespective of size of the organisation or functions of the same organisations. No member of Council or of Committees shall have more than one representative.

5. All decisions taken at Council level shall be by consensus. Where consensus is not available Council will list approving and dissenting members when Opinions are in reference from Government or Parliament.

6. The members of Council listed by notice in the Government Gazette should also include a member from Farmers and Fishermen organisations in addition to another member representing professional organisations and chambers of professionals in lieu of the two seats vacated by members having more than one member.

7. The Executive Secretary shall be responsible for the Council and the Committees

8. The Executive Secretary is responsible for the taking and drafting of minutes of all Council and Committee meetings.

9. The term of office of the members shall be of 2 years.

10. Any individual representing a member organisation shall on any occasion where he/she has a personal or commercial interest on any matter discussed under any item of the agenda declare such interest and withdraw from any deliberation on the indicated item on the agenda.

11. Dates of Council and Committee meetings shall be notified ten days in advance and members shall within six days before the appointed Council or Committee meeting date refer to the Executive Secretary on any issues they wish to include in the agenda. Determination of what is to be included on the agenda are made by the Chair in consultation with the deputy chair and General Secretary.

12. The members of the Committee shall be appointed by the Prime Minister and all Government references for the Opinion of MCESD shall be directed by the Prime Minister on behalf of the Cabinet of Ministers. The Prime Minister shall be responsible to Parliament for the proper conduct and adequate financial and administrative support to MCESD. The Prime Minister may delegate these functions to the Minister responsible for Dialogue.

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