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GRTU submits proposals and recommendations for the final embellishment in MarsaXlokk

 GRTU has this week submitted a report to Hon Jason Azzopardi, Hon Mario Demarco, Hon Chris Said and Hon George Pullicino outlining a set of comprehensive proposals that will provide the final touches to make the M'Xlokk embellishment project a holistic one and iron out unresolved issues. Below is the report in brief:


Facts and Findings

GRTU has for the past weeks continued with its research and an unlevel playing field has transpired, where restaurants having a license to operate from outside the restaurants experience different limitations. Restaurant owners also operating outside their establishment, across the road from their restaurant towards the sea edge, wish to continue operating as at present. There exist others however who have a license for outside tables and chairs but can only operate on the pavement in front of their restaurant. These understandably wish to be granted the same circumstances.

GRTU insists that a level playing field for all must be sought before any decision is taken. From our research it also transpires that the area provided to the different outlets is not fairly distributed since the width of the pavement varies along the stretch of the said road.

GRTU recommends that the embellishment works be extended to the rest of the M'Xlokk front (from the Harbour Lights to the bay leading to Dellimara) and (from Gente di Mare to s-Sajjied) as we feel that without this part of the embellishment the project would be incomplete.

GRTU wishes also to put forward the below recommendations:

  • Upgrading of both public conveniences
  • Setting up of a Tourist Information Office
  • An organized area allocated for the parking of tourist coaches
  • The development of the nature reserve at tal-Ballut together with an organized parking area as in our opinion it will attract both locals and tourists
  • Upgrading of tal-maghluq, the playing field, the kiosk and the parking slots
  • The provision of berthing facilities for small boats (luzzu) which can be used to organize boat tours to St Peters Pool and back
  • An organized parking area near is-Sajjied Restaurant
  • Markings for the control of areas allocated for tables and chairs
  • Utilisation of large homes unoccupied/occupied by aging couples to be converted in small guest houses

In addition GRTU also put forward general proposals made for the localities as these can also boost the locality of  M'Xlokk:

  • A grantof up to 50% of expenses to households for improvements that will enable the lodging of tourists where the size of the property makes this possible. The standards will be set by the Malta Tourism Authority and the Malta Standards Authority. This incentive will encourage the extension of tourist residence in the Localities thus providing the necessary impetus for the expansion of city core activities.
  • The adoption of the same tax regime successfully implemented with families hosting English language students to household owners who offer lodging facilities to tourists.
  • Special allocation of funds coupled with adequate fiscal incentives to promote urban renewal and refurbishment in the traditional village and town core. Developers who participate in urban renewal schemes through the purchase of properties for development and refurbishment submitting to urban conservation plans and to energy saving will enjoy a reduced rate of taxation on sale of properties or anominal 3% withholding tax on rents receivable if properties are placed on the rental market.
  • Tax relief of 70% investment allowance on expenditure affected by commercial property owners in the traditional urban centres used on the renovation and restoration of facades.

GRTU has assured the authorities that it will continue with its visits to listen to the views and proposals from its members until the M'Xlokk project is finished.

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