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GRTU signs a Cooperation Agreement with the Misurata Chamber of Commerce

 The excellent relations between Malta and Libya were further cemented last week when GRTU signed a Bilateral Agreement with the Misurata Chamber of Commerce in Misurata. This agreement makes reference to the sustained aid effort that was made during the Libyan Revolution, where GRTU was the first organisation to call for aid for Libya and was always at the forefront in lobbying organisations and the Government to help Libya in various ways.

Indeed, this resulted in a wholehearted participation of GRTU in the I-GoAid Foundation, giving material and logistical support to the aid programme by means of its many members.

The agreement makes it possible for members of both the Misurata and the Maltese businesses members of GRTU to "feel at home" when visiting Libya and Malta. As such, a Misurata Chamber member will be entitled to all the benefits that a GRTU member has in Malta and Vice Versa.

This will mean that companies wishing to invest in both Malta and Libya will have their processes facilitated by both organisations. A programme of cultural and trade visits is also being organised.

The GRTU Delegation was given the full treatment in Misurata. Amongst others, they visited the Misurata War Museum and saw at first hand a record of the bravery of the Misuratans in fighting Kaddafi. The destruction left behind is already being repaired, but the suffering this city went through was still very evident.

During the visit, it was evident that Libya's businessmen are now looking outwards, towards the EU. They specifically asked for GRTU's help in getting their products certified for the EU's markets. In fact, we were surprised to see how well advanced Misurata's manufactured products are, especially the steel and diary sectors.

Misurata's mindset is very much like Malta's. Misurata's people are very business oriented, with a can-do attitude that is very heartening to see. This means that Malta's businessmen will feel very much at home in this environment and will be sure to find new partners for their businesses in Libya.

The delegation also met the whole of the new Misurata Local Council and were hosted to lunch by the new mayor, Yusuf Ben Yusuf.

With a specific focus on ports and maritime services, manufacturing, food industry and Construction, GRTU will help companies in these fields explore business and investment opportunities in post-war Libya. As such, any companies interested in this can attend an informal seminar at the GRTU offices in order to set up a GRTU Libya committee to start organising the first GRTU visit and one-to-one meetings with Libyan companies. This seminar will be held on Tuesday 19th April at 14.00hrs.

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