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GRTU Section Meetings `10: White and Brown Goods/Sports Equipment

 As part of its programme to set up yearly appointments for all its sections, GRTU has this week held a section meeting for dealers in appliances and sports equipment. The prime aim of these annual meetings is of bringing GRTU closer to its members to better cater for needs.


The meetings are used both to touch base with our member by giving an update of the developments within GRTU but also to hear from them what issues they would like GRTU to address in order to help them in their business activities.

Evasion from paying contributions when importing appliances.

GRTU section members complained about some importers evading from paying eco-tax when importing products that should be subject to eco-contribution. They said this occurred most commonly through importation through the catamaran and some also said that there were instances where this happened when appliances where imported as part of a whole kitchen.

Illegal products being offered for sale and sold

The issue was raised that increasingly products, in this sector,  which are illegal in Malta are offered for sale through magazines distributed with news papers and from local outlets without the provision of the adapter required by the Maltese Law.

Consumer Tribunal

As many other enterprises this sector also suffers from the injustices practiced when appearing in front of the small claims tribunal. These enterprises live a reality, daily, where even though the consumer tribunal has the power to ask for expert advise the decision is taken without this expert judgement leading to very unjust and unreasonable decisions.

Exorbitant Eco-Tax

Most present had proof that other countries had a very low environmental fees compared to the exorbitant figures they are forced to pay in Malta through Eco-tax. They emphasised that today their competition is not only with other local retailers but also with foreign ones and this needed to be regularised in order for them to stay competitive. To add insult to injury they are charged VAT on eco-tax as well.

Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment

GRTU officials updated those present on both what is the state of things locally and at EU level. Discussions at Committee level will continue to ensure members don't get a rough deal. 

Appointment of section working group

GRTU explained that we need the continuous input of its members while working on these issues. This would be the prime aim of the working group. Some present showed their interest in forming part of the working group and therefore a Section working group was appointed. The working group will be meeting next week.

If you did not have the opportunity to attend and would like to know more kindly contact Abigail Mamo @ GRTU.

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