Fabian Demicoli

GRTU says it is now time for the new Government to Act

The Government
has been in action for two months. Malta has proved what a healthy and mature
democracy we are. The change of Government came and hardly anybody noticed. The
notice that the business community wanted to see has unfortunately also not
happened. We want a change in the business climate, in the business

meeting Ministers individually and is presenting to each Minister a dossier
with a package of proposals for immediate action. Business is dynamic. It is
positive action that GRTU is requesting.

the priority demands of GRTU:

–  Reduction of Bank interest on business loans and reduction of
excessive bank charges. The supernormal profit banks are making is simply not
reflective of the state of business in general

–  Reduction on excessive charges imposed on credit cards to retailers
on services provided by business for onward transactions to consumers

–  Reduction of Water and Electricity charges to businesses. It is
unacceptable that Enemalta and Water Corporation continue to enjoy
anti-competitive discriminatory, high charges on commercial entities. This is
cross-subsidization which is not acceptable under EU Rules.

–  Reduction of MFSA charges. Some years back a joke of an exercise
was conducted by MFSA to reduce charges on businesses. All business owners of
micro and small firms know that MFSA charges are excessive and a burden that is
grossly unjust.

–  Reduction of Port Charges in spite of all the exercises done by the
Authority and Transport Malta port charges at the Maltese ports still remain
too high. Malta transport has completely failed to make any difference.

–  Reduction
in the abuse of illicit trading of goods to Malta from European Ports. GRTU
wished for the same rules in other EU ports to apply in Malta. The truth is
that the law is the same as in States where Guardia di Finanza takes
enforcement action to ensure compliance. In Malta however abuse is so rampant
that today a high ratio of trade is actually illicit and tax avoiding while the
authorities turn a blind eye.

–  Reduction
in communication charges to business by the communication service providers.
Businesses pay Maltese providers Go, Vodafone, Melita, etc… excessive charges
compared to their competitors in the rest of the EU. MCA needs now to wake up
and act.

The list is
longer, but these are issues that our members want to see settled now that most
posts are revamped with new blood.



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