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GRTU requests Government to exempt batteries and accumulators from the payment of Eco-Contribution

 ‘The time is more than ripe for Government to exempt importers/producers of batteries and accumulators from the payment of Eco Contribution if they are members of an Authorised Batteries and Accumulators Compliance Scheme'.


This was stated by Joe Attard, Chief Executive of Green MT, during a meeting held for importers and producers of this waste stream at GRTU earlier on last week. It was further stated that Green MT has applied for permit to operate a Batteries and Accumulators Compliance Scheme, however the logistics will not be put in place unless Government amends Legal Notice 84 of 2010 so that Schedule 1 will also include the harmonized system codes for batteries and accumulators.

Green MT, GRTU's fully owned subsidiary, continues to insist that this waste stream is another of those issues identical to the WEEE – Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive. Whilst Government continues to earn millions from the payment of Eco Contribution, MEPA insists that producers have to be in line with LN Legal Notice 63 of 2007. GRTU insists that for one service only one payment is to be done and we shall not allow our members to oblige themselves to pay both Eco Contribution and also a Scheme. This blunder in the environmental field has to stop, and it has to stop now.

The members present for the meeting asked a number of questions which were answered by Mr Joe Attard. Other questions in relation to the interpretation of parts of the said Legal Notice LN 55 of 2010 will be referred to MEPA for their guidance.

Once again, Green MT continues to lead in the field of implementation of the National Waste Strategy. We have one aim, that of aiding small and medium sized enterprises to oblige to their environmental obligations with the best technical manner and at a realistic price.

Joe Attard concluded the meeting by advising all those producers present to register their market placement of batteries and accumulators with MEPA and await further instructions. Once Government decides to provide an exemption status, it will only be then that Green MT will implement the operational structures.

The Batteries and Accumulators Directive is another waste stream European Directive aimed at placing the onus of responsibility of recovery and recycling of the said waste stream on producers through the' extended polluter pays principle'. The Directive was transposed to Maltese Law through Legal Notice 55 of 2010.

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