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GRTU reacts to proposed Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority – No to Imposition

 GRTU has steadfastly registered its objections to the imposition of Consumer Affairs on Competition. Competition is an economic function, it is the removal of unsustainable obstacles and practices that prevent the free market from operating efficiently. A fairly competitive market releases economic resources and leads to a more cost efficient economy. It is particularly important for a small economy that needs to compete in the large European internal market. GRTU is highly active also at European level to ensure the sustainability of a competitive market structure.

Consumer Affairs are important. For competition the market needs a vast consumer market that is protected from the abuse or restrictions that individual traders may dare to practice. Consumer Affairs deal with symptoms of malfunctioning market operators. Competition deals with economic structures.
GRTU has from the very beginning insisted on an Autonomous Competition Authority with powers to safeguard and develop the competive structure of the market. GRTU has also strived for the establishment of a college of Public Regulations so that there is uniformity in the application of competition rules.
Government experts, after months of deliberations, ON THEIR OWN AND WITHOUT CONSULTATION WHATSOEVER, have decided and presented last week at MCESD the draft law setting up the new Authority.
IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR GRTU THAT GOVERNMENT STREAM ROLLS AN IMPORTANT BIT OF LEGISLATION LIKE THIS. MCESD is not a rubber stamp mechanism. The party elected in Government on a Dialogue platform cannot treat GRTU in this manner. Competition and Consumer Affairs is a prime issue for all GRTU members. They cannot be told to spend the heat of August studying the draft law while Ministers go on holiday, as Government after years of dilly-dallying now wants to legislate.
GRTU has sent the message loud and clear last week at MCESD. We will not be browbeaten to comply" stated Vince Farrugia, GRTU Director General. A meeting will be held next week to discuss the issue with the authorities.

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