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GRTU proves itself right in Mellieha

A Public Consultation Meeting was held yesterday 19th January at the Mellieha Primary School after Transport Malta received a request from Mellieha Local Council to turn Triq Gorg Borg Olivier into a one-way in the direction towards the Ghadira Bay.
Transport Malta informed all those present that the Local Council is proposing to have Triq Borg Olivier one-way downwards from j/w Triq San Publiju to j/w Triq Snajjin for a trial period of four months. For this reason a traffic survey was carried out by officials of the Research and Development Unit to quantify and assess the percentage of through traffic in Triq Borg Olivier/TriqMarfa/Triq Kbira when compared with local traffic.


From the survey it results that for the traffic movement from Triq Marfa to Mellieha roundabout (uphill) for the morning peak, the maximum percentage of through traffic was 12,5% whilst a maximum of 87.1% was local traffic. For the traffic movement from Mellieha roundabout to Triq Marfa (downhill) for the morning peak, the maximum percentage of through traffic was 15.4% whilst a maximum of 84.1% was local traffic. In both cases, the percentage of through traffic for the midday peak was less.

A traffic survey was also carried out for heavy vehicles in the winter season in Triq Marfa for a weekday for passenger cars and for heavy vehicles, coaches and route buses. For the survey it transpired that Triq il-Kbira/Borg Olivier takes a considerable amount of heavy vehicles with a maximum of 29.6% for the downhill traffic during the morning peak. The percentage of heavy vehicles proceeding uphill is a maximum of 16.2% occurring during the midday peak time with 11.4% of heavy vehicles passing during the morning peak. The national percentage of heavy vehicles from the total licensed vehicles is 15.64%.  All the above percentage values for heavy vehicles exceed the national percentage except for the percentage of heavy vehicles proceeding uphill during the morning peak.


1. There is a relatively small percentage of through-traffic in Triq Borg Olivier and hence this percentage cannot be interpreted as being the cause of the congestion problems in this road

2. Data for passenger cars and heavy vehicles shows that the most critical movement is for vehicles proceeding downhill.  However such values also show that, collectively, the percentage of heavy vehicles passing through Triq Borg Olivier is very high when considering the effective road widths.  It is understood that it is not the wish of any of the stakeholders to reduce on-street parking in Triq Borg Olivier and hence, the additional effective road width required cannot be obtained through the removal of on-street parking.

3.  The main cause of the congestion problems in this road is not the through traffic but the lard percentage of heavy vehicles which, given the limited effective road width, are not sustainable.

4.  From an overview of the alternative routes identified through Triq Gnien Ingraw, Triq Tas-salib and through Triq Dun Frangisk Sciberras, it resulted that these alternative routes have serious road safety issues and are not considered adequate albeit they are already being used today but to a much lesser extent and only by the immediate residents of such streets. With the proposed one – way, the use of such routes will be due to no other options available by general Mellieha traffic.



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