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GRTU presents its position about the revision on the waste management strategy

 GRTU has last week presented its position on the revision of the waste management strategy to the Minister for Resources and Rural Affairs, Hon George Pullicino.

On this particular occasion, the GRTU's Director General, Vincent Farrugia explained that behind the presentation of this document, there stood different GRTU sectors. The feedback was drafted following numerous meetings during which the consultation document was being distributed these different sectors, including waste carriers, skip operators, excavation constructors and other related construction operators.

In its presentation GRTU explained that it believes that the construction of another incinerator in our country is to be considered as a last resort as this is considered as the least means of waste elimination.

The document also refers to the necessity, now more than ever, of involving the private sector in order to minimize the extra burden we have at the ‘waste serv'. Vince Farrugia emphasized that for the GRTU the private sector is currently in a position by which, through authorized schemes, it can actually take care of  large parts of the waste that is being generated. It is however time that such authorized schemes are given authorisation to operate and Government has to put an end to its income from the Eco-contribution on various things.

The document further comments and explains about the collection of the mixed and separated waste from Local Councils. In this regard the GRTU has held various meetings with the Local Council Association, and it is through the co-operation between the GRTU and the local councils that a plan was designed on how this can take place. A more efficient a different plan from what the consultation document is suggesting.

Vince Farrugia explained to Minister Pullcino that GRTU's document speaks about the problem relating to animal waste, which until now is not being neither collected nor treated according European Directives. The GRTU has therefore also presented a recommendation to the Minister about different means on how this could be done between the parties involved.

The GRTU's Director General also held that in this document GRTU continues to show its maturity in giving its constructive criticism and further extends its collaboration and support of both the organization and their members so that in a plan of ‘preferred strategic partnership', Malta will have an efficient waste management strategy of less burden to enterprises whom are the basis of the Maltese and Gozitan economy.

The Director General on behave of the local councils thanked Minister George Pullicino for the way he, his Ministry and the ‘waste serv' are effectively consulting GRTU.

He then presenting GRTU's position and stated that GRTU is working hard to ensure every Government document has been studied by the GRTU members before a final stand it taken.

The GRTU is available to continue discussions with Government and the authorities concerned with the outcome and implementation of this revision.



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