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GRTU meets importers

In a meeting for Green MT prospective members, led by Vince Farrugia Director General GRTU and Chairman of Green MT together with Joseph Attard CEO of Green MT, the following was discussed.

In the weeks to come, from now to the end of December 2009, Green Mt, GRTU‘s Environmental arm, will be operating a pilot project which involves the exemption of a number of limited producers from Eco Contribution on the basis that Green Mt collects/recovers 70% of the Waste Packaging placed by its first exempted members on the market.

This is one huge step forward and it will result in the collection, separation and recycling of just over 100 tons of Waste Packaging weekly. The firms involved in the pilot project are by far the largest packaging eco-contribution payers. That GRTU has been successful in obtaining an exemption form eco-contribution to these large tax payers is a tremendous advance.

GRTU has done this without forcing any other business to make a double payment of both eco-contribution as well as the Scheme's fees. In practice Green Mt in agreement with individual Local Councils will collect recyclables (grey bag) which material actually belongs to many different firms even tough some of these firms would not be contributing financially to the Pilot Project. GRTU moves on a step by step strategy and we will be servicing our members were others continue to fail to deliver.

This pilot project will without fail lead the way to another commitment. Government in agreement with GRTU will after January 01, 2009 be able through an Eco Contribution Reform honour its commitment of exempting all those traders, importers or producers from Eco Contribution once they are members of such a scheme.

In itself this is a bold step in creating a level playing field, something>> P 3- << P. 1-which is lacking today.

The 70% benchmark sounds like a harsh imposition but the honest trader is today sick and tired of paying Eco Contribution through the nose to cover up for tax evaders and so many illicit traders who never declare anything or are under-declaring, or have not even registered their environmental obligations with MEPA, the competent Authority.

GRTU is insisting that only firms belonging to an Approved Scheme adhering to this high compliance figure should be allowed a free hand under the supervision of the Scheme to which they belong but all others who do not adhere or belong to Schemes that do not operate to this high level set by the Authorities would suffer the brunt of higher Eco Contribution and the full force of Law Enforcement including inspections, auditing and whatever else lies on the Agenda of those who's job it is to ensure that the law is obeyed and evaders punished.

The business community is geared up to collect 70% of the waste packaging tonnage placed on the market. It is high time for Government to oblige! Government must clearly show that it does not pay ‘not to observe the law". GRTU is on the forefront of environmental issues.

Government must now act and be seen to be acting.

The time for bickering is over!




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