Fabian Demicoli

GRTU meets college of Permanent Secretaries

 GRTU Director General has addressed the College of Permanent Secretaries. Vince Farrugia explained what are the 10 important pillars of the SBA: Create an environment in which entrepreneurs and family businesses can thrive and entrepreneurship is rewarded


Ensure that honest entrepreneurs who have faced bankruptcy quickly get a second chance

Design rules according to the "Think Small First" Principle

Make public administrations responsive to SME needs

Adapt public policy tools to SMEs' needs: facilitate SMEs' participation in public procurement and better use of State Aid possibilities

Facilitate SMEs access to finance and develop a legal and business environment supportive to timely payment in commercial transaction

Help SMEs to benefit more from opportunities offered by the Single Market

Promote the upgrading of skills in SMEs and all forms of innovation

Enable SMEs to turn the environmental challenges into opportunities

Encourage and support SMEs to benefit from growth of markets

Recently the Small Business Act has gained increased importance in Malta when the white paper on the Small Business Act Malta was launched last month and it is currently at consultation stage.

GRTU said that we have been in this situation of talks with Government on the subject of Government efficiency and its functionality to SMEs on countless occasions, so far we have registered some small steps.

There was a general agreement that all Permanent Secretaries will do their utmost to enforce these 10 pillars within the Ministries under their responsibility. GRTU's greatest complaints concerned Access to Finance and State Aid.

GRTU was pleased to note that Government has The Chairman of the College, Dr Godwin Grima,  issuing specific instructions to all public sector entities in line with the "only once principle" to ensure that after the 18th of November no certificates already in Government's position are to be requested again

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