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GRTU leisure and tourism Section meets GASP

 A meeting was this afternoon held at the GRTU premises between GRTU's Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Section President Philip Fenech on behalf of the Paceville Section Committee and the Group Acting for a Safe Paceville (GASP) led by Dr Anthony P. Farrugia to discuss the issue of law and order in the area of Paceville.

During the meeting an analyses was made of the situation as is developing in the Paceville area. The friendly and detailed discussion sought grounds for agreement on what practical action to recommend to Government to take, to meet the real challenge. The worst thing that can happen is that panicky decisions are taken just to impress, rather than taking remedial action which is well planned and directed towards real and not perceived problems.

Mr Philip Fenech noticed that action is being taken as a result of the hype now surrounding the issue and statements are being made by those who ought to know better, that are not really addressing the issue but simply adding to a picture of negativity about the whole Paceville area. This is an area with heavy investments and plays a pivotal role in Malta's new tourism strategy. The action that needs to be taken should emphasise more supervisory and surveillance methods regularly and constantly applied rather than sporadic one time actions that achieve very little. The problem affecting Paceville has its roots in the increasing tendency of a growing number of young people who prefer to disregard regulations and go out for all sorts of abuse when not under constant surveillance and it is important that we in Malta rather than finding our own home made solutions study carefully and adopt measures of surveillance that have been proved successful elsewhere as the phenomena of youth anti-social behaviour is not one of Paceville only.

GRTU and GASP are determined to seek all advice and strive determinately to seek practical solutions that lead to results that will not only ensure the safety of all those willing to enjoy the fun and entertainment that is provided in Paceville but that will also ensure a decent return on the investment of all who own establishments run on a professional basis.

The meeting was indeed a very positive one and the discussion went into detail on the different dynamics that the area experiences during the different months of the year by tourists and locals that visit the area. These phenomena occur in all areas however in the Paceville area they tend to be more acute as when there is a large congregation of people that gravitate in an area there will be always someone who will be responsible for ruining everyone else's fun. The parties therefore favoured an approach which is targeted and which promotes specific solutions to clearly identified problems rather than anything dramatic aimed only at media hype.

The two sides will be furthering their discussions and will be co-operating fully with the authorities to ensure that agreed solutions are implemented without much further delay so that Paceville will continue to enhance its reputation of a special zone for fun and entertainment and improve its image as a safe and disciplined area for all those seeking relaxation, holidaying and enjoyment.

For further information kindly contact Mr Philip Fenech Deputy President & Vice President Hospitality & Leisure on 99493534

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