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GRTU Council meets the Misrata Commercial Chamber and the Misrata Businessmen Council

 The GRTU Executive Council has this week met representatives of the Misrata Commercial Chamber and the Misrata Business Council. Following an introduction by the GRTU President Paul Abela on the work GRTU does it was explained how GRTU was on the forefront to give as much help as it could to Libyans when the trouble started.

GRTU worked especially hard to support the Maltese companies in Libya, that were going through a lot of hardship due to the war.

GRTU's Council Member and delegate on Malta-Libya affairs Mario Debono continued saying that GRTU's sections can be very instrumental in supporting Libya in its needs. GRTU has strong sectors of construction, food, renewable energy, waste management, tourism, etc… that are keen to work in Libya and cooperate with Libyan businesses.

There is plenty of room for cooperation and we want to start immediately sending delegations of Maltese businesses and receive delegations of Libyan businesses. We want Maltese businesses to get the experience and feel of the new Libya first hand and form partnerships. The Libyan and Maltese business associations have a lot of collaboration to do to help companies partner and set up in Libya.

The representatives from Misrata thanked the GRTU Council for the opportunity in meeting them. They emphasised that Malta and Libya have a long standing relationship and they are only too happy to collaborate with Maltese businesses associations and businessmen. They also stated that Libya is safe and it is safe for companies to go and explore opportunities in Libya. They need help in their facilities and experience to rebuild Libya from the most basic infrastructure and services. They also stated however that investment and work in Libya can be in any business but not in trade. Other than this, further restrictions are limited to the fact that it must respect the Libyan tradition.

Amongst the representatives were the biggest travel agency of Misrata, company of ceramics and materials for building and an ice-cream producing factory.

During their visit in Malta Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi also announces that Malta is planning to set up a consulate in Misrata, Libya's largest city.

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