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GRTU congratulates the Prime Minister and expresses great satisfaction at his success in Brussels

GRTU Malta Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises
representing the largest number of organised owners of micro and small
businesses in Malta expresses its great satisfaction at the tremendous
achievement of the Prime Minister Dr Lawrence Gonzi and his capable negotiating
team who successfully won for Malta the global amount of almost 1.2 billion
euro as part of the multi-annual European Union Budget for 2014-2020.

These are funds of paramount importance for Malta to
further its national ambitions and meet our national 2020 targets. Today the
Maltese economy operates under specific economic and social and environmental
planning mechanisms spread over a number of years and within precise planning
and surveillance structures within the framework of European Union systems. In
addition to locally generated funds as a result of Malta's own earning
capacities as guided by national Maltese own fiscal structures and
capabilities, Malta's development and cohesion targets cannot be achieved
successfully in the absence of heavy European Union funding. European Union
Heads of Governments were under great pressure to provide a reduced total EU
multi- annual budget and after Malta surpassed successfully its objective one
threshold it became increasingly difficult for Malta to continue to sustain its
claim for increased funding so essential for our further national advancement.
It is in this framework that the Prime Minister`s success is so impressive.

Malta's membership of the European Union had proved
extremely successful and these additional funds will continue to strengthen
Malta's linkages with the large European Single Market and enhance the great
possibilities for Maltese Enterprise to reach out to a larger market and
provide for more diversified investment possibilities for Maltese
entrepreneurs. These funds will be financing major projects that will ensure
that Malta's economic infrastructure will continue to grow and modernise with
increased investments that lead to the utilisation of higher technologies that
provide for growth in enterprise and the creation of new jobs. Sustainable
economic and social advancement and cohesion within a more functional and
protected environment is much more achievable as a result of these important
additional and substantial funds. That is why for Maltese business owners this
success is so remarkable and commendable.

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