Fabian Demicoli

GRTU at the 2nd ASEM Social Partners Forum

 Alfred Barthet (Vice President: International Relations)

The ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) Social Partners Forum with representatives from 40 Countries from both Europe and Asia met in Brussels to promote how to create more and better jobs on a Global level. Participants attending the meeting came from  Trade Unions, SME representing organisations and Government Officials.


Both EU and Asia share a common goal, that of making Globalisation a success, but the benefits of Globalisation need to be shared fairly between both the employers and the employees.

The importance of the ASEM process as a platform for dialogue and cooperation between the EU and Asia was underlined. However one has to address the challenges of the labour market and social benefits due to the current financial crisis which requires the attention of ASEM.

The ASEM representatives were concerned with the increase in unemployment levels due to the current financial recession. In view of these circumstances, all stakeholders, including social partners must adopt a comprehensive approach with regards to the promotion of corporate social responsibility. Therefore social dialogue based on mutual trust and shared objectives can play a sustainable role of change in development and management. In addition Trade Unions have to ease from disputes in order not to disturb employment – jobs/exports/deficit. 

Currently there are 212M unemployed workers in Europe, however a percentage of these unemployed workers are fake and registered only to acquire benefits.  Governments Social Services must clamp down on such abuses.

Irregular immigration from third world Countries is also contributing to the increase of unemployed workers since these immigrants accept low salaries to the detriment of the regular workers.

The Forum conclusion was to promote and further develop consultation and dialogue between social partners at intra-regional and international level.

A follow-up Forum will be on 13th and 14th December 2010 in Leiden, Holland.

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