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GRTU successfully launches new Security Association within GRTU

This week GRTU formally launched the Association of Private Security Agencies of Malta, known as “APSAM”. This is an Association that was formed with the full assistance of GRTU and is fully affiliated, through their independent structure, within GRTU. APSAM has a 5 men Committee representing different company members.

GRTU Deputy President Philip Fenech explained that APSAM brings together 

12 security companies, the absolute majority of agencies providing private security services. The Association covers security guards, patrols, cash in transit etc. The main objectives are to bring the interests of the agencies together and raise standards and the level of professionalism within the industry. The initiative should lead to better adherence to the legislation and a very necessary step forward for the sector.

Chairman of the Association Julian Dimech explained that the idea of the association would be to consult with interested parties and eventually affect comprehensive legislation that meets the requirements of the sector, adequate standards and the realities in which we operate. He added that amongst the aims of the Association is that of improving the image of the sector, improving the standards and conditions for their workforce, through a number of projects the Association will be working on.

“I believe this is a good initiative and I hope to see progress in this industry in the coming months and years” Mr Dimech stated.

Police Commissioner said that this is a very good initiative that would better contribute to creating a healthy working synergy with the Police Force and other stakeholders directly concerned. He said that one would be able to see better cooperation with the police force.

Closing the event, Home Affairs Minister Carmelo Abela augured all the success to the Association and thanked the GRTU for the initiative. He stated that it would be very helpful for the Association to cooperate and work closely with those that are responsible of keeping order in the country. The Minister mentioned that Public Private Partnerships are something that we need to explore better and this would provide an ideal example. He said that we are all on the same side and have common interests, keeping order in the country.



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