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GRTU successfully holds its 67th Annual General Meeting

‘GRTU is going through a phase of renewal’ – Paul Abela, GRTU President

The 2015 AGM was held on Sunday the 17th of January at the GRTU Headquarters in Valletta. During the meeting GRTU CEO Abigail Psaila Mamo provided a detailed overview of GRTU’s 2015 Administrative Report.

The Administrative Report showcases the work carried out by GRTU during 2015. Amongst others it outlines the top achievements of the organization during the year, the multitude of issues that GRTU has touched with and work with specific sections.

The achievements of the organization during 2015 were many, ranging from the long awaited abolition of eco contribution, a step forward with regards to bank interest rates and charges, successfully winning and completing an ESF project amongst others. A more detailed overview of GRTU’s achievements for 2015 can be found on page x or on GRTU’s website.

During 2015 GRTU has also spearheaded a number of important issues for businesses placing them on the national agenda.

Amongst the most prominent for 2015 was GRTU’s request to reduce electricity prices for SMEs. This was one of GRTU’s main proposals for Budget 2016 where GRTU boldly requested a reduction of 30% in the cost of electricity for SMEs, and this was over and above the 25% that was given by the Government earlier on in the year.

GRTU’s claim gathered significant support from the other leading social partners as well as the opposition. GRTU intends to continue with its claim and representations on the issue in 2016 with the aim of winning a better deal for businesses when it comes to the cost of electricity.

Other important issues GRTU dealt with in 2015 were the Maternity Leave Trust Fund that led to GRTU being on the Board that would distribute the funds to the private sector, this we believe will ensure timely disbursements. GRTU was also very vociferous in its objection to the relocation of the Valletta Market and took concrete and constructive action on the issue of traffic in Malta through the creation of a new lobby group that brought together the main stakeholders in the industry.

GRTU President Paul Abela closed the meeting saying that GRTU is today the main stakeholder representing SMEs in Malta and the GRTU is going through a phase of renewal where we are reinforcing the principles and mission of the organization while at the same time looking ahead and exploring new avenues that can enhance the service GRTU provides to its members.

Mr Abela thanked the GRTU Council for the time they invest in the organization to improve the working environment for the sectors they represent and the GRTU staff for their relentless efforts and dedication. 

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