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GRTU sets up Transport Lobby Group

GRTU has over the past years represented various sectors of trade which are directly or indirectly related or affected by issues of transport and logistics. Rather than complaining, GRTU has in 2015 taken an active stance by bringing together the various types of operators involved. Over the past months this has proven to provide hands-on expertise from those who are 
constantly operating on the road – knowing the ins and outs of the situation, and ultimately being able to provide solutions. 
GRTU is bridging the concerns to find common solutions that can be brought forward and implemented both for the short-term and the long-term approach – something which will not only benefit business but our economy and society as a whole. 
Our representation includes, amongst others:
  • Chauffeur-Driven
  • White Taxi Service
  • Coaches (Unscheduled Bus Service)
  • Cargo Hauliers
  • Express Freight (such as Courier Delivery Service)
  • Airfreight Forwarders
  • (Essential) Goods Distributors (such as Gas, Milk, Bread)
Through this Lobby group GRTU has presented a comprehensive set of proposals during 2015 to the Ministry for Transport. Below is a summary of what was presented:
  1. Stronger consultation and planning to mitigate unnecessary burdens such as closing off periphery projects, widespread awareness of closures and diversion routes, and devising acceptable diversion routes for the duration of projects. 
  2. Traffic has to be channeled to secondary roads to reduce clogging where possible. 
  3. An ongoing stock-take of possible improvements and suggestions in various localities, including Paceville, Swieqi, San Gwann/Kappara, Qormi, Marsa, St Venera, Zebbug, Luqa.
  4. Authorities that close roads need to communicate and coordinate together in practice. 
  5. A Driver on Delivery Card similar to the Doctor on Call concept needs to be considered.
  6. 24/7 Use of Roads and Off-Peak Times (Road works, landscaping works, waste collection and other)
  7. Widespread Educational Campaign
  8. Enforcement that ensures Loading bays are not left occupied, buses use the appropriate bus-stop stations and upgrading subways
  9. Clearer understanding of the use of the newly installed Priority Lanes so as to ensure full usage by chauffeur-driven cars, white taxis, buses, coaches, motorcycles and even private vehicles carrying three or more passengers. 
  10. Increase of Boarding / Loading Bays in key areas such as business hubs (Valletta, Sliema, Paola, B’Kara, etc.). 
  11. Unused parking facilities and private parking facilities need to be put into use. It no longer makes sense to have development getting away with not planning adequate parking facilities. 
  12. In view of the previously announced logistics hub concept, one may even consider organized local combined logistics as applicable. 
  13. Incentivizing other methods of transportation rather than using one’s private vehicle needs to be taken from policy to action. This would include for instance increase of sea transport.
  14. Smart Technology Systems would smart parking sensor to advise drivers if parking is available or not to avoid unnecessary traffic and time wasted looking for parking; adaptive traffic signals technology would improve efficiency. 
  15. Encourage employers to invest in parking facilities and joint traffic solutions
  16. The CVA system in Valletta has clearly failed and needs a complete overhaul. All stakeholders involved need to be brought together to steer a holistic revamp of the entire system to address the evident inefficiencies which are definitely not within the original spirit within which it was established. 

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