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GRTU’s reaction to the upcoming launch of the new renewable energy schemes

Domestic PV schemes

GRTU notes with pleasure that Government has heeded its concerns on the need for new schemes in the renewable energy sector, mainly PV installations. A new grant scheme shall be launched next week, with a feed in tariff agreed with GRTU which is much better than originally planned by 

Government. The grant level and the way the scheme and the funds will be managed were also discussed during several meetings. A compromise has been reached to satisfy the retailers’ needs allowing for a good number of sales at a steady pace, as well as presenting a favourable investment opportunity to customers while addressing concerns raised by Government.


Systems without grants

GRTU is also urging Government to issue a scheme, not necessarily supported financially by a grant, whereby it enables families who already own a PV system to install more panels. Currently a family that opts to increase the number of panels will see its original system’s Feed in Tariff lowered to today’s rates. Given these panels were purchased at a time when prices were higher, this approach does not make sense. Government through its entities SEWCU and MRA should incentivise families who want to increase the number of panels on their roofs by providing a reasonable FIT, in line with today’s rates for systems installed without grants, independently from their old systems which should remain unaffected.


Commercial & Industrial schemes

GRTU is currently discussing final touches with various Government departments to launch a scheme directed at businesses and industry who would like to install PV systems on a commercial scale. The scheme aims to provide the necessary guarantees and finance at reduced rates.



GRTU urges all prospective clients to make sure the retailers they buy from are GRTU APPROVED. This ensures quality, safety, performance and a strong redress opportunity in case something still goes wrong.

GRTU also takes this opportunity to invite genuine non-GRTU APPROVED retailers to participate in this scheme. There is nothing to be afraid of; to the contrary the certificate instils confidence by customers in your company and provides a variety of incentives. These include promotion via press releases and GRTU website and FB page, subsidized rates for trade fair participation, participation in the upcoming commercial and industrial schemes, and participation in the PVPFS.


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