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GreenMT recovers38,000 tons of recyclables in 3 years Aggressive public awareness campaign continues

 Green MT, the National Authorized
Packaging Waste Compliance Scheme, continues with its aggressive public
awareness campaign through the placement of billboards in a number of prominent
major roads in Malta. The billboard shows material fractions namely, metal,
plastic, paper and glass accompanied by the statement ‘We are not Rubbish".
This billboard campaign has also included two familiar faces, that of Gable
(Deceduti) character, who is now avidly recycling with Maltese Prolific songwriter
and singer Kristina Casolani. Both awareness spots can be seen at University

Additionally, Green MT has continued
its radio jingle campaign on one of the leading Radio Stations in Malta, Bay
89.7.. This campaign will continue on other radio stations in the coming

Green MT, operates the largest recovery
of recyclable materials in Malta and Gozo with collections reaching over 240
tons a week.  This logistical operation
is provided by services outfarmed to waste carriers who are Green MT accredited
contractors. The Scheme provides Waste Packaging Compliance to over 1400
producer members year after year. Over the last three years, July 2009 to June
2012, Green MT has recovered over 38,000 tons of recyclable material from Local
Councils, Bring in Sites and also Commercial establishments, including the
hospitality industry.

The public in many Local Councils and
beyond are the driving force of our collections and we duly thank all those who
have over the last three years separated waste and made sure that it is no
longer considered waste but a resource. Our initiatives at Local Council level
continue to place Green MT as the largest Packaging Waste Compliance Scheme on
the island.

Green MT, a fully owned subsidiary of the GRTU Malta Chamber
of Small and Medium Enterprises has been at the forefront of making sure that
environmental legislation is in place in accordance with European Directives.
This has not stopped, and to date we are still providing our best proposals to
Government to make sure that a fair and level playing field all round is put in
place for both producers, brokers and waste management facilities.

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