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Green MT’s contribution towards cleaner localities

 Green MT, the National Authorised Waste Packaging Compliance Scheme continues to contribute towards the cleanliness of our localities in Malta and Gozo. Green MT is responsible for the upkeep of bring in Sites in 30 Local Councils in Malta and 11 Local Councils in Gozo.


This service is outfarmed to service providers, mainly waste carriers who have a responsibility to clean an area of three metres around the individual Bring In Sites. There are contractors who have a responsability for a specific Local Council and then we have other cleaning contractors who service a number of Local Councils.

In Malta, we still have the inert mentality that we can throw waste next to the Bring In Site at any hour of the day, which of course is not the case. This situation creates mountains of mixed waste which are recovered by the Scheme daily. It is enough to state that on a six day week we normally take to the landfill over 8 tons of mixed waste from these Bring In Sites and even so we are continuously chased by Local Councils that we are still not doing enough. Of course we are far from perfect, but we can outrightly state that we do our best. There are of course shortcomings which will be addressed, and this is not about placing more CCTVs or having more green wardens, we want more people to realise that our island is our home and that we should also cooperate to make sure we do not continue to dump next to Bring In Sites.

In Gozo, we manage 18 Bring In Sites and in the month of August the situation has been one which we have as yet not witnessed. It is here that Green MT was let down heavily by one of our contractors and on realising this, we took immediate steps to make sure that remedial action was taken. There is much more to do in Gozo. The concept of Eco Gozo instills in us all the responsibility of giving more towards this concept. Green MT will continue to upkeep these Bring In Sites and monitor much closer the emptying of the said bins. Of course there is more to do from a holistic approach but let s first make sure we have the basics working well and then take on other initiatives.

Green MT today recovers an average of 4 tons of packaging waste from Bring in Sites in Gozo and an addittional 10 tons weekly from the recovery of the Grey bag, thus a total of 14 tons weekly. Our target for the Local Councils where we operate, 11 in all, is 27 tons and we will continue to strive together with the individual Local Councils to reach this target.

Green MT will also continue to increase its service to the hospitality industry including bars and restuarants and hotels. We have provided a service in Xlendi which will be extended to Marsalforn, slowly but diligently. We look forward with optimism with the help of all stakeholders.

Cleanliness is our prerogative but we need everyone's support, from responsible residents, to responsible contractors and the rest of the chain. But what we are sure of, is that we are dedicated to this cause and we will get there!

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