Fabian Demicoli

Green MT volume membership exceeds 20,000 tons annually

 Green MT, the National Waste Packaging Compliance Scheme, continues to excel in its operations across the Board. Despite continued efforts by those who should know better to tar our image, Green MT can today confirm that by end of June 2011, results show that its current members, 993 as at the end of June, will exceed 20,000 tons of packaging waste placed on the market for the whole calendar year of 2011. At the time of writing members have exceeded 1240, so this figure is also set to increase.


Green MT has in the first six months of 2011 recovered 6233 tons of recyclable fractions from Local Councils through the grey bag collection, Bring In Sites, Commercial Collections and other private enterprises. In Gozo alone we recovered 410 tons from 11 Local Councils alone. Since the start of operations in July 01, 2009 Green MT has recovered 23,723 tons of recyclable waste fractions.

Green MT continues to provide a service to Local Councils including recoveries from Bring In Sites and also cleaning of the same sites. Of course the summer months have brought with them increased problems next to these sites, mostly mixed waste and other waste streams being dumped there, together with bulky refuse. On instances a number of containers have been burned at a substantial cost to the Scheme. We shall however not be deterred by such actions by those who do not know better. We are here to stay.

Green MT will shortly start one to one discussions with Local Councils to renew agreements for the year 2012. We are committed to provide better services in our community and we will do so despite the obstacles that we find in trying to do so day in day out.

Green MT thanks all those Local Councils and their residents who have contributed so much towards recovering all this volume of recyclable material.

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