Fabian Demicoli

Green MT signs agreement with Santa Venera Local Council

Green MT has earlier today signed an
agreement with Santa Venera Local Council for the collection of recyclables and
packaging waste from the locality. Santa Venera with a population of 6800 and
2027 occupied households has a target collection of 6000kilos of packaging waste

It is with this target in mind that
Green MT has set off its services within this Local Council in the central part
of Malta.
Green MT
will maintain all Bring in Sites currently within the Local Council and has
offered to increase the number of current sites to seven(7). It is assumed that
a bring-in-site is needed for every 300 hundred occupied household within a

Green MT will shortly deliver grey bags to
each residence and those residents who are not found at home can collect their
bags from the Local Council within a given period of time the week after. This
will further instigate residents to recycle more for their own good.

Green MT
continues to take on Local Councils across Malta and Gozo because it continues
to provide a not for profit operation at all levels. Green MT has
a current operational permit for 2013 and 2014 and well over 1350 members are
now part of this Scheme.

At the signing, held this morning at
the Santa Venera Local Council, the Mayor Mr Horace.J.Anastasi noted that the
Local Council requires a service beyond anything else, a service for each and
every residence. He continued to state that Green MT will be providing this
commitment across the board and augured that a number of environmental
initiatives will be affected in partnership with the Scheme.

On behalf of Green
MT, Mr Vincent Farrugia, Green MT Chairman,
thanked the Local Council for showing trust in Green
MT and ascertained that the Scheme is there to
provide a service next to none for the benefit of residents across Malta and Gozo.
He continued to say that residents will now notice the change as the Scheme
holds a personal relationship with the Local Councils where it operates and
answers to the Local Councils demands in no time.

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