Fabian Demicoli

Green mt recovers nearly 4 tons of paper and carton from Birkirkara households

 Green MT is the national Authorised Waste Packaging Compliance Scheme. Green MT, a fully owned subsidiary of GRTU, recovers packaging and recyclable waste from 40 Local Councils , one or twice weekly through the grey bag kerbside collection system.


Birkirkara is one of the Local Councils where the community has shown through its deeds that it has a proactive approach towards implementation of waste managment strategy within the locaity. After discussions with the Local Council, an agreement was reached to recover differentiated packaging waste throughout the week, thus collecting paper, board, magazines,caton and leaflets on Wednesday and then collecting plastic and metal in the grey bag on Friday.

This implementation followed a door to door education campaign by Green MT Eco Councillors in Birkirkara during the month of January 2012. Leaflets were also distributed to those who were leaving at churches situated in Birkirkara after mass on the morning of Sunday 29th January 2010. Came Wednesday 1st February 2012 the final result was a collection of nearly four tons (4000kilos) of paper and carton from the Local Council of Birkirkara.

Taking into consideration that under normal circumstances a collection of 12 tons weekly is effected in this locality through the grey bag system, the result of 4 tons of segregated paper is very encouraging and Green MT would like to thank all those residents who heartily contributed to such a collection.

We are well aware that in the weeks to follow, this recovery rate will grow . Green mt will continue to support these initiaitves at Local Council level. This is the begining of a long road towards at source segregation. With a helping hand from everyone this will continue to be a success story.

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