Fabian Demicoli

Green MT raises irregularities with Approving Body

Waste Packaging Compliance Schemes not operating on
a level playing field – During
a meeting of the Approving Body, (Eco Contribution Exemption Regulations), held
earlier this week, Green MT CEO, Joe Attard made a presentation to the members
present with respect to the fact that current Waste Packaging Compliance
Schemes are not operating on a level playing field .

was firstly pointed out that unless both Schemes Green Pak and Green MT operate
under the same obligations, this would be a detriment to members of one Scheme
as is the case today. Green MT pointed out that according to Green Pak's Annual
Report presented to MEPA by the same company/ cooperative, it outlined that its
members placed 16,583 tons of packaging waste on the market. Greenpak Coop
recovered 9,764 tons in the same period thus 58.8%.

clearly means that the 70% bench mark requirement for its producer members to
obtain 100% exemption was not reached. Green MT has as such requested the
Approving Body to take immediate action over this issue. We cannot have an
Authorized Scheme that does not reach the recovery obligations of its producer
members according to LN 84 of 2010 operating without any repercussions at all.
It is blunt fiscal evasion which needs to be corrected.

is no wonder that Green Pak do their best to poach Green Mt's largest members
by offering discounts as far as 35% to 40%. It is absurd. In the local media,
Green Pak Coop reported in December that its Patronage Scheme will provide to
its relatively small producer members, those who paid minimum fee, of less than
€150 will get a rebate of €554. And this because the Scheme performed extremely
well! We now await the Approving Body to take action. We want extended producer
responsibility to operate well, decently, fiscally correct and in compliance.
Anything less is not acceptable and we shall not be accomplices in what is
being done wrongly by others.

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