Fabian Demicoli

Green MT Published Facts Speak Out!

 GRTU established Green MT following the crudest form of letters that were issued to importers by Green Pak who, as from the very beginning, appointed themselves as all knowing and all powerful on issues of waste management.

Green Pak's style has not changed, all pretentious and pompous. Green MT on the other hand gave a commitment to Government Public Regulators and especially to importers and producers that we will create a Waste Packaging Compliance Scheme diligently and within the framework of economic viability and compliance legislation.


Green MT suffered months of insinuations and innuendos maliciously spread by Green Pak. We patiently waited till the quarterly reports submitted to MEPA, as the public regulator, were made available. We now have the second quarter report for 2010 for both Green MT and Green Pak. We can now compare like with like rather than all the bluff and propaganda phrases.

We have now the figures that speak loud and clear:

The figures proudly show that Green MT has both achieved compliance under Legal Notice 277 of 2006 for all its members and also for those members who joined since and have applied for Eco Contribution Exemption (LN 84 if 2010)

Given the figures reported by Green Pak itself, can Green Pak also feel proud that they have achieved commitments with members to index the Legal obligations, to comply with LN 277 of 2006, which requires a recovery of 53% and Legal Notice, LN 84 of 2010 which requires a recovery of 70% for those traders that apply for Eco Contribution exemptions?

GRTU is seriously worried that given the above figures many business owners have been taken for a ride, unless of course Green Pak has done the impossible, collecting in the last six months of 2010, a minimum recovery 4277 tons (app) to cover only the obligations of LN 277 of 2006, let alone additional obligations of tonnage required to be recovered to meet 70% recovery for Eco Exemptions Regulations.

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