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Green MT Packaging Waste Compliance: Time for taking decisions

We are now at a time where patience
is no longer a virtue. A number of issues relating to enforcement of Packaging
Waste Compliance have been left on the shelf. This has drastically affected the
sustainability of Green MT. We have over and over again outlined
that a level market playing field does not exist in this sector.

All this because Government
Authorities or Departments do not fork out a cent for recovery of materials and
neither do they sustain in any way the operation. Their attitude is that as
long as things are done there is no problem. Things only start changing when
the virtue of patience dies away and action is taken by the scheme.

1.  We have long requested MEPA,
the Competent Authority to write to the current 600 known "free riders" who did
comply to the legislation, to join an Authorised Scheme within 60 days.

2.  Draft Legislation to amend the
Packaging and Packaging Waste Legislation was drawn up in September 2012 and a
public consultation carried out in November 2012. The legislative draft changes
required those producers that sold consumer goods to the market to declare
consumer packaging with a scheme. This again would make sure that what Green MT
or Greenpak Co-op collect today, is actually being paying for by someone.

We are sure that the above issues can
be put in place by those who are duty bound to put them in place.

Time is running out, and fast, and if
by end October 2013, the above two issues are not addressed and put in place,
Green MT, will cease recovery of all material from bring in sites, including
their upkeep. We will thereon continue to collect the grey bag only.

Early coming week, we have a planned
meeting with Dr. Michael Farrugia who is responsible for MEPA. We duly hope
that this will end in a fruitful result. If this is not the case, we will take
all the necessary action to make sure that we go to sleep at night, and those
who are responsible stay awake.  

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