Fabian Demicoli

Green MT Ltd: The Eco Contribution Reality

 Green MT, GRTU's subsidiary company holding a permit to operate a Waste Packaging and WEEE Compliance Scheme, has written to Minister Tonio Fenech on the exemptions from Eco Contribution in respect to Waste Packaging.

Joseph Attard CEO of Green MT explained that the not for profit company has applied for a permit renewal even though the scheme was not yet operational, stating further that it was imperative for Eco Contribution Exemptions to be put in place as otherwise no Scheme will operate.

The CEO also outlined that presently, even though meetings on the subject were being held sporadically the exemptions development was occurring at a very slow pace. This inevitably shows the lack of commitment and professionalism to ensure that the money collected through Eco Contribution was doing its purpose.

This transpires from reports placed with MEPA as the Competent authority. Certain figures in these reports show that either there has been an exorbitant change in the packaged goods imported in less than a year's span or else the reports were based on unreliable information. Green MT will be asking the competent authority to investigate cases where certain Schemes seem to be operating on and receiving unreliable information.

Green MT's insistence on a fair level playing field for the operation of the Scheme is now paramount. Green MT will therefore ask the Competent Authority to make changes to its reporting requirements, which will drastically reduce abuses.

Green MT also mentioned Certificates being issued which left much to be desired. We are sure this should constitute more than a simple paper exercise, it should ensure the reliability of the Schemes and a total audit trial. Reliable scrutiny is imperative at such an early stage of operation of Schemes. It is the only way that the Government can be assured that the real amount of Waste Packaging is being collected, separated and exported or sold locally for recycling to authorised recyclers.

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