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Green MT Launches Waste Separation at St Margherita college Girls’ Secondary at Cospicua

 Green MT has earlier today launched a waste separation initiative at St Margherita College Girls Secondary at Cospicua. Green Mt officially provided the school with 38 separation bins for paper and plastic during an event which was held at the school today.


During the event , Green MT Eco Councillors outlined the fact that collection of recylables in schools is one of our foremost priorities. Students were advised as to the best way to use the bins being provided by the Scheme and were also advised to follow up sure that waste separation is also being done at home. Eco Councillors informed the students that today the material recovery facility at Sant Antnin sends away over 1000 containers for recycling at authorised facilities in other countries. They also encouraged students to make sure that all efforts are made to stay on the forefront of recycling in Schools.

Green MT CEO Joe Attard outlined that Green MT is a subsidiary company of the GRTU Malta Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises, and that the operation is of purely not for profit. Green MT is an authorised Waste Packaging Compliance Scheme operating with best available technologies at the lowest of costs possible. Green MT has established agreements with 40 Local Councils and caters for collection of recyclables from 94 schools within these localities. St Margherita College, Girls Secondary, is one of the very first to be given complete hardware in relation to collection of recyclabele material. Joe Attard thanked the administration of the college for their interest and their cooperation with the Scheme. He further outlined that in April students would be given the opportunity to visit the Materials Recovery facility at Sant Antnin where they would be able to see the whole process, from receipt of material to final preparation for export. Green Mt believes this is an essential step for the students to understand and appreciate what their efforts lead to and also increase their enthusiasm.

On behalf of the College, Joe Ellul outlined that being a small country, students should do their best to make sure that the mentality change continues to grow, starting at College and continuing at home. He further outlined that no one wants another landfill like the ones at Maghtab or Wied Fulija, which have been built over many generations and are today one of the black marks of our society. He urged students to take the matter seriously and to make sure that they gave their full cooperation. Mr Ellul thanked Green MT for being proactive in providing the hardware for the college and assured that there will be continued cooperation both with the staff and also the students.

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