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Green MT collects 70,000 kgs of packaging waste from schools recycling campaign

 Green MT, the National Waste
Packaging Compliance Scheme has recently held a School Recycling Campaign.
Thirty Schools or colleges participated in this campaign aptly called Go Green Man. Green MT in collaboration with the Deceduti Character Gable and Maltese Singer and songwriter Kristina Casolani took to the
schools and held an event at each School. The event included an informative talk
by Green Mt Eco Councillors who provided enough information to the students
present so that they would answer questions set to them by Gable.

Casolani (Jingles Malta and Doyaya Studios) composed a jingle for Green MT
which was well met by the students in every school. The jingle is aired on a
major radio station during a three month campaign. A facebook page was also set
up Go Green Man which was well
received by the students in particular.

During the eight weeks of the competition 70 tons of recyclable
materials were recovered. The winners of this competition were St Francis
School of Birkirkara who have over 310 students, closely followed by St Paul's
Bay Primary School which have over 800 students.

It is to be noted that although
placing second, this school collected the highest volume of material in the
period, just over 27 tons which is a remarkable achievement. The effort put in
by both the students and the parents was highly commended by the Scheme. Third
placed was Verdala Boys College who worked very hard in this competition. This
college has over 900 students.

During two events held to award the winners, St Paul's
Bay Primary School was given a surprise appearance by Malta's Eurovision Idol,
Kurt Calleja who sung and danced with the students. Students were given over
fifty gifts raffled on the day whilst each of the 800 students were given a
party pack. Kristina Casolani closed the event with her singing and students
were without fail enthralled.  During the
event Green MT thanked the parents who helped to make this competition a
success story for the School and thanked Mrs Dalmas, the School Head, who
cooperated and encouraged the students to work hard on the project.

In the second event held on June 27th, St Francis
School of Birkirkara were also given a surprise award. The students were
visited by four of the Deceduti Characters, including Gable and Mr M amongst others.
Kristina Casolani was also present and sang for the students whilst the
presence of animators included face painting, drawings and games for the
students. Food was distributed and a party pack was also given to all the
students. The School recovered over 14tons of recyclable materials. A number of
helpers were also thanked on the day.

Another thank you event will be held for Verdala Boys
College in the second week of October 2012, first semester of the coming
scholastic year.

The Campaign included also a Bin Design Competition.
The designs of the bins were posted on Go Green
Man facebook
page and the one with most likes will be the declared winner and Green MT
intends to manufacture the said design of the bin for use within Schools and

Green MT has also held an audition for up and coming
young singers who together with prolific singer and songwriter Kristina
Casolani will come up with a song for Green MT which will eventually be sold,
with proceeds going for charity.

Green MT is by far Malta's largest Waste Packaging
Compliance Scheme, catering for nearly 270,000 residents in Malta and Gozo.
Green MT operates the collection of Grey Recycle Bags and also Recovery from
Bring in Sites and the commercial sector. The Scheme recovers over 1000 tons of
packaging waste monthly and caters for the cleaning of over 375 sets of Bring
in Sites in Malta and Gozo.

‘We are working
hard to provide an education campaign to our younger generation, at any cost.
It is an investment for many years to come. We owe it to our future generations
and we have to keep in mind that we are here to leave our environment much
better then we found it, for our children'  stated
Joe Attard, Green MT CEO. This campaign will continue in the first and second
semester of the scholastic year 2012/2013 and we duly hope that in that period
the Scheme will cater for a competition for 60 other schools and colleges.

Green MT would like to thank each and every
participant, the supporting parents, all school administrators from heads to
teachers, the Eco Councillors who delivered talks to each School, Gable and the
team behind the Deceduti Character, singer Kristina Casolani, all Green MT
Staff, and last but not least the contractors who recovered and weighed the
material…70, 000 kilos of packaging waste!

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