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Green MT 23,000 tons of recyclable waste recovered in two calendar years

Green mt has from July 01, 2009 to End June 2011 recovered 23, 726 tons of recyclable materials from 41 Local Councils and a large number of commercial establishments. It is an  outstanding achievment in the period. The communities of 41 Local Councils across Malta and Gozo were essential in finally providing such a recovery.


Green mt has to date 1321 registered members to the Scheme. It is to be noted that the Scheme had 13 members in 2009, 120 in 2010, 329 by end March 2011. The figure of 1000 members has been reached after an agreed sustainability programm agreed between MEPA , the Competent Authority , and both Waste Packaging Compliance Schemes aimed to make sure these operations continue to be built on a sound footing.

The volume of packaging waste registered with Green mt is now just over 20, 000 tons annually. The total volume of packaging currently placed in the market by producers( importers)  for 2011 is estimated at 90,000 tons. This means that although we now have over 1321 members, there are still many others who are either still out there and registered with MEPA and  not paying an Authorised Scheme  . The Scheme, Green mt at present has 23% of all packaging waste placed on the market.

A number of new registrations are producers who currently pay Eco Contribution and as from Monday 3rd October 2011 they can  apply for exemption from Eco Contribution. To date we have noted that  an addittional 50 members are liable to an Eco Contribution Exemption. The Scheme currently has 66 members who are exempt from Eco Contribution and as thus the figure will soon rise to 116 out of 1321 members. Thus only 9% of the Scheme members are liable to Exemption.

However an assesment is being made to outline the volume of packaging waste placed in the market from these 121 members and the percentage of weight this represents in respect to the total current market placement.

The Scheme continues to provide operations in 41 Local Councils. Agreements with some of these Local Councils will terminate at the end of 2011 and we are now working on an internal strategy in respect to servicing localities in the future. We have increased our efforts in both collection strategies and also cleaning of Bring in Sites which seems to be the problem most noticed by the Local Councils.  However we need the support of Wasteserv to make these operations viable.

In Gozo , Green mt has changed its cleaning and upkeep strategy of Bring In Sites and the change has already given the desired results. We always keep in mind the concept of delivering a service to our communities, be they small or large. However changes in strategies come at a cost to Green mt and sustainability of the operation is also a primary target.

Green mt utilises only Wasteserv Authorised facilities for its operation. Wasteserv need to understand that they need to be able to function efficiently if they expect Green mt or any other Scheme to continue to work with them. Green mt is blunt. Currently there seems to be no end to the gross inefficiencies at Wasteserv. Wasteserv cannot expect the business community to shoulder either its inefficiences or the results of decisions taken in the past.  In Malta, Green mt provides over 78% of all material recyclables received at Waste serv Malta Limited. Green mt already recovers 40% of its materials from segregated sources, but if in so doing Green mt does not obtain a financial benefit, then something must be really going wrong at Wasteserv.

Green mt backed by the business community will not pay for what goes on at Wasteserv. Green mt will not be made to pay for services provided from its nose. Green mt will not succumb due to the inefficiences of Wasteserv.

Wasteserv is a Government owned company and as such finally whatever is happening at Wasteserv is the responsability of Government. It is not fair that choices and decisions taken in the past now have to be burdened by the business community in financial terms……we will stand up to be counted when the day of reckoning comes…and that hopefully is not far away!

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