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Government launches 2014-2020 funding period New funding calls to be announced soon

Deputy Prime Minister Louis Grech and Parliamentary Secretary responsible for EU funds Ian Borg have this morning officially launched the 2014-2020 Operational Programmes for Malta. This following, what has been described as a very lengthy and intense negotiation phase with the European Commission.

This events marks the start of the implementation phase of the funds, and as a result we will start seeing the initial calls being pre-announced with immediate effect.

A total of €850M in funds is available for the coming 6 years for the country to achieve its vision as well as its EU 2020 targets.

€53M of such funds are specifically earmarked for SMEs and will include the investment in facilities targeted at businesses such as business parks and incubation centres as well as financial incentives for businesses.

In addition to this SMEs will also be benefitting from increased access to finance through the recently announced SME initiative. There are €15M in funds available to facilitate finance however this is still at early stages and more tangible information will be available later on this year.

The funds are divided into two programmes. The first programme OPI aims to further economic development, improve environmental sustainability and invest in a more social inclusive society. The second strand of funds OPII aims at investing in human capital to create more opportunities and promote the well being of society.

How will the funds be spent?


  • Investing in research, technological development and innovation
  • Consolidating investment within the ICT sector (incl incentives for e-commerce)
  • Enhancing Malta’s competitiveness through investment in SMEs (incl business parts and financial incentives)
  • Shifting towards a low-carbon economy (€57M for the RES in financial incentives for the domestic and private sector)
  • Protecting our environment – investing in natural and cultural assets (incl tourism related incentives)
  • Sustainable Urban Development (incl regeneration of public spaces)
  • Shifting towards a more low-carbon transport sector (incentives for green transport)
  • Investing towards a more socially-inclusive society (Health and Sport)
  • Developing our future through education, training and lifelong learning (incl. Vocational Education and Training)
  • Investing in a more environmentally-friendly society (Waste management, recycling, reducing the volume of waste going to landfills, waster quality, etc)
  • Investing in TEN-T Infrastructure (Road projects)


  • Investing in the employability and adaptability of human capital (employment incentives, job seekers and inactive people, family friendly measures and youth guarantee initiatives)
  • Towards a more inclusive society (discrimination, vulnerable individuals, health and care)
  • Investing in people through education, training and lifelong learning (early school leaving, illiteracy, enhance educational experience, tertiary education, update study programmes to meet the needs of industry)
  • Building the institutional administrative capacity (Government, local councils and judicial reform)

GRTU will keep its members informed as the new funding opportunities become available.



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