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Gas Distributors Awaiting a Government Proposal

GRTU is fed up of unkept promises and delaying tactics. It is
all a strategy. It is all planned. It is frustrating to those who do not know
what the end decision will be. We are sure Government and the relevant
Authorities are already aware of the Government's direction on this issue.

Gas Distributors remain in the dark. They do not have
a sense of direction. Government and its incompetence has brought this
situation to where it is today. GRTU and the gas distributors have gone miles
to assist Government in finding a solution on this matter, but solution are
hard to come by when Government promises the same to three different
stakeholders, two importers, namely Liquigas and Easygas and the same to the

Of course it is no easy decision, imagine trying to
please three women at the same time! And this is and Government is now faced
with a dilemma. A dilemma that has no solution. The only solution for
Government is that they will leave it to linger and never decide and leave it
to the next Government to decide. This is the direction that Government has
been working on. No decision as decisions hurt and votes do ultimately count.

GRTU will no longer be taken for a ride. It will not
accept the silly excuses that Minister Pullicino comes up with day after day.
It will not accept more promises from the Government lead by Dr Gonzi. Not
months but years have passed and still no decision. This issue has taken longer
then the building on an Olympic Village outside London!

This does not happen because they cannot decide,
or because they do not know the position that will be taken, it's because they
know that if their decision is issued it would show how double faced they are.

There is one decision, Government has to decide whether it is
in favor of self employed who have been serving the island with Gas
Distribution for so many years, or whether it is in favor of capitalists taking
over the whole distribution system and sending all these distributors home on
the dole.

Once again GRTU is in favor of foreign investors who come to
Malta with a genuine approach. We are not interested in those who grab our
Ministers by the nose because they have monies inside their pockets. The
Maltese Business Community is not for sale, it never was and never will be, and
No Government will sell the business community in any sector. If this does,
GRTU will stand up to it and be counted.

The issue of the Gas distributors is one which has now gone
by its due date…long gone. Government has to remember that gas is a commodity
and unless distributed it will cause havoc in Malta and Gozo. Government
through its abusive actions since October 2008 has brought about this
situation. We have waited with patience and our patience is over…now it is time
for action!

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