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FastTrak Launch | MCA in collaboration with GRTU

fasttrakGRTU Malta Chamber of SMEs proudly supports the ‘FastTrak’ initiative launched be The Malta Communications Authority (MCA), GRTU has been working closely with MCA on several projects such as the one launched today. This initiative is another example of the close collaboration GRTU shares with MCA.

GRTU believes that educating entrepreneurs not only helps entrepreneurs improve their competitive advantage but also allows them to give a better service to their clients. In this regard GRTU has also been working closely with the Malta College for Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) in the creation of an MBA degree for the Small Business. The degree started last year and uptake was good. GRTU was instrumental in making the degree more practical and hands on.


GRTU has always felt that this is as important for business to have a ‘digital identity’. Many local retailers have not embraced this idea and are missing out on using the Internet which is today considered an important business tool. This is in light of the fact that the latest survey carried out by the Authority titled “Insights into Consumer Buying Behavior Attitudes”, found that 70% of internet users turn to the Internet before buying a product or booking a service. This clearly indicates that consumers are increasingly searching on the Internet for their shopping needs. The study also mentions that 63% of consumers who use social media follow their favourite brands and retailers on these platforms. This indicates how important social media has become for businesses.

The free training sessions launched today will be a step in the right direction. MCA will be offering free training sessions on Digital Marketing, with special focus on online presence and social media. These sessions aim to guide those operating in the retail industry on how to boost their business and create an effective online presence through social media channels. Participants do not need to have a high level of education to attend such sessions.

Amongst other material, participants will be able to learn how to create a Facebook Page, design and add content, schedule and boost posts and how to use email marketing effectively. The sessions are 1.5 hour long. Businesses interested in attending these training sessions are invited to visit MCA’s website, www.mca.org.mt/initiatives/fast-trak and complete the FastTrak application form.

GRTU once again thanks MCA for this excellent opportunity to work together in creating this initiative and encourages all retailers to take up this offer in order to have effective online content that enables them to connect to the online world.





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